Saturday, January 28, 2006

The New World

Tonight Kami, Raquel, Andy, and Dave and I went and got some super hot rockin' awesome sushi, then met up with Jessica and saw the new flick "The New World".

I liked it. I thought it was a beautiful film . . . but I must admit I thought it was going to be more warish. Does that sound weird or what? More warish? Anyway, the grrrls and I thought it was pretty good, but the boys HATED it! Which is funny, being that I picked that movie because I thought it was a more boy movie than documentary. Oh well, I guess we'll be seeing Hoodwinked next weekend to make up for it.

That is Some Kinda Sassy Hair!

That's right . . . today I was having an incredibly sassy hair day. I had to document it for all of you that didn't have the pleasure of witnessing it firsthand!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Our Latest Adventure . . .

Tonight Kami and I decided that we were sick of our boring suburban lives, and needed an adventure. I felt kinda bad cuz it was Kami's first day of freedom for a few days and all we were doing was looking up hotties on . . . that is, until I remembered I had the attic door is in my room . . . that is where the fun began!

After Kami climed upon my carryon suitcase to reach the pull string, I lowered the extending ladder into my room . . .

Kami did a FINE job in unfolding the stairs . . .

But we must admit, we were a little weary at first . . . but Kami volenteered to scope it out! With flashlight in hand she gave me the green light to come join her!

Giggling all the way, I mounted the stairs and followed suit . . .

Kami was definately the most adventureous, as she climed all the way across the house on the rafters! If I had attemped, I bet I would have ended up falling to my death!

Hard work, and hours later, Kami made it back to safety at the top of the stairs! Thank goodness for her killer abs and tone physique, no one ended up through the ceiling!

I just chilled in the open space where there was solid plyboard beneath my sandaled feet.

Here is Kami with her safe decent back into my warm bedroom. This experience was the epidemy of good clean fun entertainment! No pun intended!