Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Faux-Hawk

Some might call it a thing of beauty, some might call it pure rebellion, but I think it was kinda fun. Jake and I decided it was once again official "faux-hawk" day at church, so we did it. Mine was definately the most punk RAWK . . . but, I also have the longest hair. Nothing like half a can of hair spray on your coif, eh!?!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Everything Else . . .

Today Kami and I learned a valuble lesson . . . BUY CONCERT TICKETS EARLY!! I've never had the problem of not getting into shows by buying my tickets a couple of weeks before the show . . . until now.

We have been looking forward to seeing a show coming to DC next week, and when we went to actually get the tickets last week, they were sold out! SADNESS PREVAILED! We thought all hope was lost, right? Well there is the land of e-bay, right?

So Monday night she's over at my house, and I suggested looking on e-bay . . . we found some, and were totally excited! Yesterday afternoon we spent sprawled out on my living room floor attached to the laptop! At five minutes to the end of the auction we put in our bid. We had them! and then with a minute and a half to go, NO! We lost 'em! I bid twice more, and we came away with nothing to show. Lost. Lost, lost, lost . . . SADNESS AGAIN! "Lets try the next round in 19 hours . . . " we did, and failed again. *insert crying actions*

So we ended up getting tickets in the end . . . from a "buy it now" option, for four times the original cost. How sad is that!

So what do we all learn from this?

Original ticket to sold out show: $10
Jacked up e-bay "buy it now" ticket: $40
Total for two tickets and shipping:$100
Buying your tickets to concerts early: PRICELESS!

For everything else there's that jerk in New Jersey via e-bay.