Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Avoiding Packing? I AM!

I probably have the shortest attention span for a 23 year old. Tonight I came home from chillin with Kami, Kristina, and Amilkar in DC and was determined to pack for my trak to SLC later on this afternoon . . . So what do I do? Take silly Napoleon Dynamite quizzes instead, and check e-mail. Well, at least it was informative!

You are Napoleon Dyanamite and a buttload of gangs
are trying to recruit you.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

So there I am. Napoleon Dynamite, apparently . . . cool. Now I REALLY have to pack, so I can sleep tonight!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005


What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in December than putting up a Christmas Tree? I don't know, because that's what I did this morning.

Here I am hidin' in the branches. Aren't I cute?

Unfortunately this is only as far as I got. We ran out of Christmas lights. Oh well. I guess I'll finish later.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Dancing the Night Away!

After the Christmas Party Kami, Brindy, and I went to Maryland to dance the night away and meet up with our Latin Lovers.

First though, we stopped off at the DC Temple and Visitors Center to see the lights. Here is Kami and Brindy freezing in front of the beautiful lights!

And here is the Majestic Temple it'self! Wow, what a beauty!

Once we got to the dance, we all did a fine job of shakin' what our Momma's gave us. Here is Brindy demonstrating the goods.

Here's Juan, Brindy, and Kami posing for a cute cheeser!

After the dance, we headed off to IHOP for some grub and socializing. Here is Kami and Lenny . . .

. . . And Amilkar and myself. Kristina, eat your heart out!

White Elephants Anyone?

Tonight we had our Stake Young Single Adult Christmas Party. We had a fantastic dinner, excellent company, and a halarious white elephant exchange! I took some half used hand soap, body wash, and lotion from Yankee Candle that smelt like boy (not like "locker room" boy, more "old spice" boy) as my white elephant. I was impressed that it actually got fought over a bit before someone ended up with it. I ended up getting to pick my gift fourth out of 35, and ended up with a couple of real gems . . .

This lovely jumper for example, was first mine. Then Michelle stole it. Then Andy stole it. Eventually Linda ended up with it in the end. Jerks. I was going to give it to my Father for Christmas so he could use it when he works on his cars, but no. I also got a machete which was promptly stolen by Dave and Robert. Jerks. I could have used that when I go swashbuckling through the forest in my backyard! Anyway, here are a few of the other delights that was had that night . . .

As you can see, Galin ended up with a fantastic array of decorative pins from Avon.

Michelle got some super-cute gloves with monkeys on them. SWEET!

And Andy was wanted by all as Miss Alaska. Fitting, seeing as he is from Alaska. Grrrrrrr! At the end of the night I ended up with three candles from IKEA. Not a bad gift I admit, at least I now have some long burning candles for my seventy-two hour kit!