Saturday, August 30, 2008


his afternoon Rob went downstairs to ask our neighbors if they had a power drill we could use. I waited patiently upstairs for his arrival, and instead of a drill he came in with a large zuchinni, two summer squash, and this little beauty:

The problem is that we have no idea what it is, or how to cook it.

Any suggestions? My Mom thinks I should disect it and see what it looks like inside to see how to cook it. I'm not sure I'm ready to eat it yet though . . .

Friday, August 29, 2008

What a Great Week!

Ok, I'll admit it. After spending a week in Sandy with the fam I was hesitant to come back to Rexburg. Had it not been for Rob's birthday last Friday (which was AWESOME, BTW) I would have stayed in Sandy longer to keep myself from being locked up in the apartment for the last two weeks of "summer" before school starts on September 8th.

But to be completely honest, it's been a great week! The week in Sandy REALLY did the trick and got me out of the cabin fever slump. I don't feel like I've been doing anything all that different from before either. Still reading, napping, watching too much tv, interwebbing, riding my bike, and lifting weights. It's been REALLY nice to be able to lift weights again. I'd strained my wrist a few weeks back and had to take it easy, and I think that was one of the hardest things to deal with of all.

In reference to all the questions regarding my last post, sadly we didn't get any of the coconut cream pie ice cream, for two reasons. 1.) We were actually out being social with some friends and the place closed before we got there, and 2.) Turns out it wasn't actually coconut cream pie ice cream day. It was Twix ice cream day--which even though Twix is both of our favorite candy bar, the ice cream wasn't so great. Turns out I was out so early in the morning that the flavor of the day sign had not been changed from Saturday yet. Coconut cream pie was SATURDAY'S flavor. Oh well. Not like we REALLY needed it anyway. :)

So school starts in 10 days and I'm pretty psyched. I'm registered for 15 credits and feel up to the challenge once again. Most of my classes are on Mon, Wed, Fri; I only have my weightlifting class on Tues and Thurs which gets over at 8:45 am . . . so I'll definitely have time to get work done during the week. I even feel just about ready to ride my bike up the hill each day; last night I did it without TOO much heaving and hoing. YAY! It's been good for me to make the ride every day instead of just once a week. :)

Now as for the upcoming three day weekend, we've got no plans. Anyone want to come experience the wilds of Idaho and play with us?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Coconut Cream Pie . . .

This morning as Rob was leaving for work I like normal kissed him goodbye at the door and stuck my head outside to watch him leave. The smell of that sweet dewy summer morning air was intoxicating and I decided then and there I needed to get out in it. I quickly finished my cream of wheat and started some laundry so I could enjoy the morning splendor.

I decided to take my trusty bike for a ride up to BYU-I's campus. I'm trying to prepare myself to ride my bike to school (which BTW starts in two weeks--YAY!!) and since three times a week my day starts at 7:45 in the Benson building I'm working up to getting all the way up that hill without stopping, wheezing, or sweating myself chilly. I did it without stopping this morning, but the other two are still a working progress. :)

After climbing the hill to the Benson I rode around campus, dropped off Breaking Dawn at the library so the next Bella and Edward crazed girl can check it out, and checked out The Host. After some more riding on campus I decided to go downtown since I wasn't ready to go home yet and I found myself at the plasma donation center . . . wary of the last experience I almost didn't go in, but the temptation of $40 this time overtook me.

I told them I'd be using my right arm since it had the best track record and all seemed to be going just fine . . . until the phlebotomist went for the WRONG VEIN in my arm. *BREATHE* I told myself . . . *just breathe* . . . he called another guy over to correct his mistake and after a few more minutes of digging for the correct vein we hit blood . . . good right? Well by the time blood was flowing I was told there was a clot in the line . . . oh gosh.

"You know, I'd rather go home now."

"You don't want to try your left arm?"

"Oh no. It was a complete and utterly painful experience we tried that last time. The bruise only finally healed yesterday. I'd much rather go home now?"

"Yeah, we'll give you $5 though for sticking you . . . Sorry. "


So, it took 30 minutes and I made $5 buckaroonies. At least the bike ride was refreshing and I found out that the flavor of the day at our favorite ice cream place in town is coconut cream pie, so Rob and I can go for a walk tonight and the $5 will meet it's end. :) It's so delicious, it's totally worth it.

My only regret from all this is that I have to wait 2 hours from the end of my "donation" to take a shower. *Sigh*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When in Sandy

I haven't been as good with my updates this last week because I'm for once not at home being tempted by my computer all day long. After a weekend hanging out with Rob's brother and his family I got left behind at my parents house while Rob went back up to Rexburg because he has to work, and I had some MAJOR cabin fever going on. There are only a few weeks left in the school break, but I couldn't stand being at home alone one more day.

So I'm in Sandy. It's been nice, but I do miss my honey. :( Here are a few of the things I've done/will be keeping myself busy with.

I've finished Breaking Dawn and started reading The Host. I thought it was a FANTASTIC ending to the Twilight series!

Jessie and I went on a great adventure involving a sleepover with another best friend from high school, trax, and not having enough cash to pay for trax . . . I stooped as low as rummaging through my 18 year old sister Teri's room to look for more, but could only find a quarter.

Teri and I went shopping at the mall. That was weird.

We also went swimming. That was awesome.

I've gone grocery shopping with my mom--which I LOVE doing. We're going to IKEA tonight so I can finally buy a shoe horn and garlic press. (I'm SO EXCITED! I LOVE IKEA!) And since I doubt Rob will read this before I get home, I'm also going to look for large cereal bowls for him. If you do read it honey, please let me know?

I'm going out to breakfast today and lunch tomorrow with Megan from Virginia and Kelly from New York.

I'll be hanging out with three of my four nieces today, and we're probably going swimming. FUN!

Tonight my Mom and I are going to put flowers on my Aunt Betty's grave. She would have been 70 today.

And something that I'm looking forward to--Rob is doing a little redecorating of our apartment while I'm gone. I can't wait to see what it turns out to be!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Worst Donation Ever

So I've been donating plasma the last week or so to earn a little extra money on the side, right? It's 30 bucks the first time of the week, and 40 the second. 70 extra dollars a week is nice for anyone, but especially us right now where Rob is driving 60 miles a day to and from work, and hey--it's his birthday this month--I'm trying to earn some cash so I can buy him fun things. :)

For those that have never donated plasma I'll explain the process. Basically about a pint of your blood is drawn from a vein in either arm. Then a machine separates the red blood cells from your plasma. The plasma is put into a donation container and once all has been separated from the red blood cells, they are put back into your body via the same vein. Usually a painless process, it normally takes three draw and return rotations and about forty minutes for my full donation.

Well it's been a breeze thus far. I ride my bike into town, "work" for an hour, and go deposit my money. It's nice. This morning however was horrific.

I got to the center early today to avoid the afternoon crowd--8:21. I was called up and had my blood tested, temperature and blood pressure taken, reviewed all the legal mumbo jumbo and was on the donation floor by 8:30. When it was my turn to get hooked up to the machine the phlebotomist asked which arm I wanted to use, and I'd already decided to use my left since my right wrist had been giving me some trouble the last few days. That was my first mistake.

Since it's been about four years since I'd donated from my left arm the guy had a hard time first of all finding a vein to use--eventually he found two good ones. He decided to use one that I hadn't donated from before which made it VERY painful when he put the donation needle in me. BTW--HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE NEEDLES? They are HUGE! Anyway. He got me hooked up to the machine and about three minutes into the donation my vein went crazy. He tried moving the position of the needle around to get a better flow--poking and prodding my vein. Moving the needle in and out . . . it was painful. He tried for a few minutes and after digging around in my arm eventually we decided to change arms.

So, another phlebotomist gets called over to jab a new needle in my right arm. He gets the needle right in, and hooks me back up to the machine. Things are looking up. The first full pint of blood was drawn, plasma separated just fine, and then as the red blood cells were being returned to me the problems grew. Apparently there was a clot somewhere in my donation line and it ws causing the machine to stop returning blood to me. It took a few minutes for the phlebotomist to come assist me and eventually after more poking and prodding of my vein, massaging the donation line to loosen any clotting, and eventually manually cranking the blood back into my body my blood was returned.

The machine started my second draw and was working just fine. My blood flow was normal and things looked good again; that is until the second return. Again, right as the red blood cells were being returned to me the machine stopped again. CRAP! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEPPP the machine went. Eventually someone came over to figure me out, and nothing worked. Not painfully moving the needle around in my arm, not trying to massage and clear the line . . . it was awful.

My original phlebotomist came back to assist because the other guy gave up. Ultimately he again hand cranked the machine so that my blood could be returned. Without doing this I would not be able to donate again within the next 8 weeks. It was painful and lengthy. My arm burned, especially below the donation site where my wrist has been hurting. It took forever, but I got my blood back. We decided then that I wouldn't try for that third blood draw and return rotation. The needle was eventually taken out of my arm. By this point it was 10:50, I felt a little woosy, and had to ride my bike home. Needless to say I rode slow and now I'm taking it easy at home.

Oh, and I'm adding this because of Sarah's comment--you better believe I got paid after all that poking and prodding!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I Like to Ride My Bicycle . . .

This is the route of my bike ride today (The blue and pink dots are where I stopped for quick water breaks):

6.3 miles, which looks like a decent ride, right? Well, here is an illustration of the elevation I was working with:

Turns out it was an AWESOME ride! One of my goals this month was to get to the top of that freaking hill on my bike, and even though this morning when I set out I figured I'd go ride on campus, and maybe the neighborhood directly east of it, I decided to take on the hill. I've got to admit, I feel pretty accomplished. It's only 305 feet of elevation gain, but it felt like a monster! What a great ride!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So . . .

. . . it's August. I haven't posted yet because it's been a pretty boring month so far. I even opened a "new post" page yesterday and stared blankly at the screen for about three minutes thinking of something to write. Apparently my creative juices were not working yet. I can't guarantee anything now either, but I can't sleep (again) so I'm trying to do something productive and don't want to read The Return of the King which I started last week . . . there are a few noteworthy things though . . .

I've been riding my bike almost daily, it makes me feel happy--and worn out!

I rode my bike up to the Benson building on campus on Monday--which is up a decent sized hill. I'd like to be able to get all the way there without all the sweating and huffing and puffing though . . .

I decided it was about time I make some money while I'm on my "summer break" and donated plasma on Tuesday. I'm going to do it again today if my iron levels are up to par.

I'm using the money to buy Rob birthday gifts. :)

I did 4 sets of 5 reps at 95 pounds tonight on the bench press and squats, and 95 pound deadlifts. (and I can't sleep? WTF?)

Rob loves his job. I love that he loves his job. I however don't like being home alone all day. I wish I had more friends in Rexburg to play with.

I've begun showering at night. It's weird, but my hair looks great in the morning!

I bought new athletic shoes last weekend--my old ones were over 4 years old and have been retired.

Please leave comments. They make me happy--and it's nice to know that multiple people are actually reading this.

I think I might be able to sleep now, so I'm off.