Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, The Panic Attack is ALMOST Over . . .

Oh golly . . . apparently me writing a blog post at 4 AM can blow steam productively. Just after Rob's alarm clock went off this morning he came out to find me finishing that last blog post . . . It was 5 AM. I asked if he wanted to go to the gym afterall, and thankfully he wanted me to come to bed--he'd come looking for me.

We nuggled under our covers close because I was so cold. Eventually--about 6 I fell asleep. My second alarm went off at 6:22, which I turned off and didn't end up getting up until 6:50. My test at 7:45 I wanted to get as much time as possible for because I wasn't still all that confident in how I'd do. So Rob and I rushed through our morning routine and I got into the classroom by 7:43--still kinda freaking out.

Thankfully enough the test was WAY easier than the homework. I finished with 15 minutes to spare. Then I went and requested to have my clusters approved for my minor--Geography and Culinary Arts. :)

Now I'm blowing steam. The test was fine. I bought materials for my floral notebook. I can work on my soils papers during the weekend. I just got a call from the guy that did the breaks on our car, and it is now ready. Now if I can only use THIS time for doing work instead of blogging I might relieve even more pressure.

Breathe in . . . breathe out . . .

Can't FREAKING Sleep!

Yes, that is correct. I can't sleep. Notice the time? It's been a REALLY LONG week and I got home tonight about 7:30 after spending the better part of 12 hours at school. I had a productive day. Got a project done for a class, went to the Horticulture social, struggled with my FREAKING excel homework and came home exhausted.

Once here my Mom called to see whats the plan. Rob and I are going to Utah for the weekend and will be staying at my parents. She wants to take us out to dinner for my birthday tomorrow--err, I guess tonight actually, and wanted to know where I'd like to go. She also wanted to know if I could come to a pampered chef shower with her tomorrow, and a bridal shower with her on Saturday before we go to a family picnic with her side of the family that night. Sunday Rob and I will be with Rob's family because they are all in town for two family reunions on his side during the June 29th - July 5th week.

Honestly the whole conversation totally put me past my limit for the day. I've been fighting with my excel homework the entire week and I have a test for the class in about three hours--at 7:45. I went to the "open lab" tonight for help and there was no lab aide!! WTF! Why the #%&& do they advertise a lab to get help on your homework if NOBODYISFREAKINGTHERETOHELP! After I got off the phone with my Mom I just shut down. I started silently freaking out about everything I've got to get done this weekend. Two projects for landscaping, a notebook for floral, at least 10 more hours to spend on a project for BOM . . . and eight to ten hours of driving to and from Utah . . . two family reunions/picnics . . . and on top of everything else I took our car into the school's auto shop on June 5th to get our rear breaks and emergency break fixed AND WE STILL HAVEN'T FREAKING GOTTEN IT BACK YET!! I had NO IDEA it would take THREE FREAKING WEEKS to fix a pair of drum shoes and e-brake cable. No matter how inexpensive it may end up being, it has NOT FREAKING BEEN WORTH three weeks without the car!!! Yes, we have a truck we've been driving, and because of which we haven't left town. Have you seen gas prices! FREAKING $4.09 in Rexburg, ID! And we're planning on driving to Utah and back twice in the next week? OMG! I just want to spend some time in the freaking library!

Okay. I know I'm kinda ranting here. Sorry. Anyway. I got myself ready for bed and tried to just let it all pass away into dreamland. I was ALMOST THERE and my Dad calls me. SINCE WHEN DO I EVER GET PHONE CALLS! It was our typical less than one minute conversation about how I'm doing--58 seconds to be exact. It totally got my mind racing again.

Rob came in and tried to calm me down. We came out and laid on the LoveSac to try and chill me out, because for some unknown reason I can fall asleep on the LoveSac better than in my own bed. We turned on the TV to watch something completely mindless--VH1--and Rob was out like a light. Still nothing from me. He eventually went to bed about 10:30 but my mind was still racing. I did eventually drift off sometime close to midnight, but then about 2:45 I was jolted wide awake for some reason--probably because I was so freaking hot. Ok. the TV was still on VH1, and since it's worked before I tried just falling asleep to it again . . . 3:00 . . . 3:30 . . . 3:45 . . . I turned off the TV and went in to try and fall asleep in my bedroom . . . Nope, my feelings earlier of being completely wiped out and aching for sleep are gone. Because of this I get even more worked up. I almost completely break down in bed, but leave the room first again because I don't want to wake Rob.

Now here I am. It's 4:51 AM, and my alarm is going to go off in ten minutes so Rob and I can go to the gym. We've been getting up butt early the last few weeks to go work out--and it's been great, but I don't think I'll be up for it today for some reason. It's going to be a long day.


(5:00 AM--Rob's alarm just went off.)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Family Website? What's this?

A couple of weeks back I was cleaning out my inbox and stumbled across an invitation from my sister-in-law LeMira to join the family website from May 2007. I can't explain why I didn't get right on that initially (maybe because I was all lovesick from having just gotten married??), but thankfully I signed up and found some fantastic pictures!

Here is Kimmie, our neice playing with the garden hose.

And the shocking result . . . I love how she looks so suprised!

Another adorable shot if Kimmie doing what kids to best--looking adorable!

This is Rob and our nephew Jackson. He was born a premie at 25 weeks and weighed only 2 pounds 1 ounce. I love how young and cute and happy Rob looks in this picture!

This is Lisa, Rob, Susan, LeMira and Matt all getting ready to take Rob to the MTC.

Here is Susan displaying Rob's dork dot proudly.

June 2004, one last wave good bye for two whole years! It's crazy to think that about this same time I was on a ward trip in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone with friends.

Fast forward two and a half years. We're engaged, hangin out at Matt and LeMira's house for the first time, and chillin with Jackson.

February 21, 2008. Susan, Tim, Alan, Matt, Rob and me at the MTC seeing Alan off. I had just left Virginia three days earlier and drove across the country by myself for the occasion (and to see Rob for the first time since New Years!).

And one of my favorite shots of Rob's and my wedding day. These are mot of our nephews and neices, and they were CRANKY little kiddies!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blast From The Past!

Today I got an unexpected comment on my previous post--with some unexpected treasures. Merrilee, a friend from the neighborhood I grew up in--and someone I haven't heard from since high school told me that Dyana, one of our Young Women advisers from back in the day is trying to get a hold of me and a few other girls from the ward.

It was an awesome ward. I had a lot of great friends that helped me through SO MANY hard and tough times. These ladies shaped me partially into who I am today. I got in trouble with some, sang my heart out with others, played ball with a few, hiked and camped with many, and cried with all of them at one time or another.

Of these girls, I have no idea where at least seven of them are now. I have some connections with a few on MySpace, or Facebook, but even still I don't know what's actually going on in their lives.

These are all shots that Dyana wanted to get of us taken professionally because we were such a great bunch. We stayed in a hotel the night before and got all primped up together that Saturday morning. I haven't seen these pictures for probably about nine years. I can't believe how cute and little I was!

So here we all are: (from back, left to right) Crystal, Merrilee, Heather, Emily, Yolanda, Sarah, Brianne, Dyana, Emily, Natalie, Shawntal, Becca, Gywn and me. I'd love to hear from more of you ladies, and thanks again for the comment Merr, and the original post by Dyana.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I got a what!?!

Today I was doing the normal "checking the email" thang before going to bed and was led to a complete surprise! I got an email from the schools Financial Aid dept. I thought this was a bit odd since I'd already found out what financial aid I'm available for in the fall . . . so, WTF?

I was lead to my award information page, and to my complete surprise I've been granted a departmental Horticulture Scholarship! The crazy thing is that I never applied for it, which I thought you had to do . . . so I'm kinda shocked! All I have to do is stay above a 2.5 GPA, and take at least 14 credits per semester?? DONE AND DONE!

It's a modest scholarship--nothing like Rob's full tuition because he has a 4.0, but still enough to definitely help us out! Rob and I have been so blessed, I can only hope we continue to be so lucky!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm SOOO procrastinating . . .

I have been at the school since 6:30 tonight. I came to deliver Rob some dinner (he's been doing some major studying for Chem) and to finish a lab report that was due on Tuesday--then maybe even catch up on some work for a couple of projects . . . well I keep getting distracted.

I've spent the entire time either chatting with Rob as he was eating his steak and potatoes, or cruising the blogs I like to keep up with. It's been a few days since I've been able to really keep up with them due to other projects . . . anyway. I was JUST about to get started on that lab, and my lil sister Susie sends me this picture:

It's my nephew Derek sleeping. And he is adorable!

Ok. NOW back to the grind . . . for REAL this time!

There's a first time for everything!

It's official. The WOW factor has been maxed . . . I currently have a 4.0! Of course, this is only midterms, but I'm hoping to keep it up over the next six weeks as well. It would be my first 4.0 EVER! I squealed for joy when I saw it! It's so exciting for me!

As for the "T" grade, I have no idea what that means. That teacher had been out of town for the entire week before mid-terms and maybe didn't submit the grades? I have no idea. Anyone know?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Teri's Graduation!

This last Tuesday I skipped my first BYU-I classes to head south and experience the glory of my lil' sister Teri graduate from high school! It actually was quite a good commencement; the speakers were for the most part really great, and we were out of there in under 2 hours!

The shining graduate herself. June 3, 2008!

I think she looks fantastic! I'm totally jealous that she got to wear a slick silvery gown though. I had to wear white, which was NOT a cute, and definitely not glimmery at all.

My Dad, Teri, and Mom. Don't they look like proud parents? Their baby has graduated!

Ahhh, friends are the best. Here is Teri with Bree and Daniel. I always envied the guys because they got the pretty maroon graduations gowns. Punks!

And of course Daniel gets all the action, and loves every minute of it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Memories . . .

Okay, so in reference to a request by Jessie I went looking for a picture for her. I was looking for the photo of her Junior year in HS where she is wearing her favorite shirt. I had seen some pictures a few days ago in an old Journal and thought I'd try there. Well, I sadly didn't find the one she was looking for, but I did find this photo booth picture instead. I think it is awesome for a few different reasons.

1. There are 6 of us in the booth.
2. We did this kind of thing ALL THE TIME.
3. I'm holding up some money, because I'm "so rich"?
4. Sean and Marcus' face in each is awesome.
5. Trevor stood up in the middle of the pictures.
6. We were totally loitering at the mall.

My journal entry that goes with it is fantastic: " . . . after school . . . we were planning on going bowling, but we ended up not, because it's leauge night! So instead we, (Trevor, Marcus, Sean, Jeremy, Kali and I) went to the mall & bugged Jess for a minute. (IT WAS HER FIRST DAY AT RITZ.) Then went to the arcade & messed there, then got pictures. They are so killer! Then . . . to pizza hut. We got a pizza and drinks. It was so fun . . . We were so loud and noisy, but it was awesome. I *heart* my boys so much!

Wow. Bet you couldn't tell I was 16 years old when that was written! And I REALLY liked commas.

Oh, and Jessie--I also don't have the yearbook from that year. Remember how they sold out and you, me, Sean, and Jeremy spent yearbook day having people sign spiral bound notebooks? It sucked! I think Nan got one though.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Go Obama!

Only 44 more Delegates to go!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

My favorite shirt!

Here is a picture of me as a sophomore in high school. I was fifteen at the time this was taken, and I remember I took FOREVER that day to get ready. I wanted to look great during registration, what if I met a cute boy that wanted to go out with me! OHH! I plucked my eyebrows, wore my favorite hemp necklaces, applied lipstick, and of course, my coolest, most favorite shirt. I didn't want to smile in the picture because I was "way too cool to smile . . . " so I smirked instead, and it bothered my Mother all year long until she got a new picture to hang on her living room wall. I was such a punk! But I LOVED this picture. I still do . . .

So tonight Rob and I are going through some of my old clothes. I, of course still have the shirt because I intend on making a t-shirt blanket one of these years with all my cool old t-shirts from high school. In fact, the good majority of shirts that Rob now wears, and is pictured in on my blog are the very shirts I intend on picking apart sometime in the future. So when this favorite shirt of mine was pulled out I remarked that I want to wear it again . . . "Um honey, it's kinda small" he said. Well yes, I understand that. I figured it would fit him though, and asked him to try it on . . .

It, like all my other shirts from high school and college fits him great. If only my bosom hadn't kept growing I could still be wearing them . . . but NO. Now they only fit Rob.

Here he is doing an impression of the guitarist from the band "No Vacancy" in School of Rock. Ohhh, what a sexy man I have! Anyway, we all have had our favorite piece of clothing. This shirt was mine--still is, and I'm looking forward to the day I can fit into it again . . .