Friday, February 20, 2009

Life is Beautiful

A good friend of mine, Desi, is the inspiration of my post today. Desi and I met in May 2002 at the foot of Hill Cumorah. She had literally stepped off the plane that morning, groggy and probably a bit overwhelmed from flying the red-eye from Salt Lake, having just moved to New York. She was replacing a nanny, Susan, that lived in my ward in Watertown, NY; I knew Susan, but not very well because she was a little more reserved than me.

After a few weeks of letting Desi settle in to her new nanny life, Jen's and my curiosity had been stretched to it's limit--Jen and I decided to "kipnap" Desi and take her on an adventure. We showed up on the doorstep of the mansion she lived in, rang the doorbell, and waited . . . Desi's "nanny mom" answered the door, and we asked if Desi could come out and play. We couldn't call ahead, because we didn't have her number. We just showed up. Once Desi came to the door, Jen and I could no longer control our fits of giggles, and somehow convinced her to come for a ride with us. I bet she thought we were absolute lunatics, but I'm sure glad she got in the car with us.

Since that eventful evening, Desi and I have had many great adventures. We've had child-like moments, where we've gone out in the pouring rain to splash in puddles and twirl in the dancing downpour. There have been times of fear, like when she was following me in her car to Ithaca, and I was too distracted to realize that I'd lost her; being the days before we had cell phones, and we had no way to communicate, and only by prayer were we reunited. When I heard that her Father had died in an accident I wept for Desi; I can't imagine the pain she endured being in Argentina and not able to be with her family during their moments of sorrow. Desi and I have been spontanious, buying airline tickets 48 hours before the plane that took us back to New York and the Hill Cumorah departed, and spending a whirlwind weekend with old friends, and favorite foods. She even convinced me to become a student at BYU-Idaho--back in 2003. I of course swiftly changed my mind and swore I would never become a student at BYU-I, however, when I found out that flip-flops and shorts were not allowed on campus. Oh, how things come back to haunt you, eh? We've made our lives beautiful adventures.

Nowadays, Desi and I may not communicate on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis anymore, but I still consider her one of my greatest friends; certainly one that has influenced my life, and helped me become the person that I am today. I'm greatful to have known her, to know her, and to see where her adventure will take her.

What really inspired this post is that finally, after years of pleading with her to do so, Desi has started a blog. It's title, Life is Beautiful, is truely how I feel about life--even when I'm stressed out because of midterms and making plans for the future, my life is beautiful.

I'm thankful that you went against your Mother's words of wisdom and got into a car with strangers, Desi. I look forward to hearing more about how your life is beautiful too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes, I'm a demanding kinda grrrrl

I've put more of my arrangements up on my portfolio blog, and will only continue to do so regularly from now on out. Please go check it out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today has been a great day. After taking flower orders and designing for six hours in the school's Flower Center yesterday, I took advantage of sleeping in. Once I eventually got up, Rob and I went to the local DI in search of something amazing . . . and we feel like we were successful in our quest.

First off, we found this great clay vase that we've put a bundle of sticks in. I originally bought the red vase last week for the sticks, but the clay vase looks better with the arrangement overall.

So this is what our "entryway" looks like. Mirrors, my art, and a couple of vases. We are fans.

Next on the DI awesome list are these candlesticks. They'll hold either tea lights or pillar candles nicely, and we've placed them on our dresser. I think they'll be a great subject for photography, aside from being beautiful and classy.

For the holiday, I got Rob a book that he's loved for years, MiG Pilot, and Rob got me this beautiful mini-rose potted plant, which I'll happily prune and keep blooming. I made the little rose and gerbera daisy arrangement--my favorite part is the submerged red wire. :) Oh, and the little flower in the shot is actually a ring, made of wire and a spray rose. We call it, "ring bling" in the shop. Don't you like how we have our ducks all in a row?

For dinner tonight we decided to try out a new recipe. A few months back I bought a Family Circle magazine, because the front cover was advertising six new mac & cheese recipes--and for those that know me well, know that I LOVE mac & cheese. Sorry Mom, but I think I've found a few favorite recipe for my longtime favorite dish. We broiled it about 45 seconds too long, so the bread crumbs got a little charred, but trust me, this recipe was amazing. You can find it here. It doesn't take any extra time in comparison to my family mac & cheese recipe that has been handed down for generations, but it does take a few specialties--Gouda and Swiss cheese, onion powder, and panko bread crumbs--but by golly, it was amazing. AH-MA-ZING! We also had fresh artisan rosemary bread, broiled until crispy of course.

Oh, and it's my friend, Scott's, birthday. Hope you had someone to snuggle and keep warm with in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Glads

This morning in my flower portfolio class I created this hand-tied bouquet with yellow and purple gladiolas, white daisy mums, lavender button mums, and hot-pink statice. The greens are eucalyptus, boxwood, and salal. It is a 360 degree design, and can be viewed from all sides.

I've also posted this on my portfolio blog--so keep your eyes out there as well, as I won't be putting all my past designs on here. :) I'll also be adding my photography, and other designs from school, so it'll be a fun spot.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Details, then

Now that I'm back in Iceburg, uh, I mean, Rexburg, I figure I should answer a few questions, and show off some on my photography. :)

First off, at the LA airport, I found this sight humorous. In multiple places both before and behind security, there are "telephone" areas, yet, the telephones have been taken out. I guess cell phones really did make pay phones obsolete. Who knew?

Next, this is the scene that I awoke to Wednesday morning. Absolutely clear skies, palm trees, and whats that . . .

If you look behind the sign, that is the ocean. I was in heaven.

Wednesday evening we went to The Getty Center. I took most of the pictures there with my film camera, in black and white, but here are a few of my favorites taken with the digital.

This fountain greeted us as we got off the tram.

Here is a delightful Bird of Paradise. This is something that I'm going to love about living in California, there are Bird of Paradise all over the place.

This sculpture I love. I think it's beautiful. I only wish I had taken a picture of it's name too. Anyone know the name?

This wall I found enchanting. The light, the texture, the colors . . . I hope my shots in black and white turn out.

In nature, there aren't many green flowers. This one I found irresistible though, because of the little bug on it. Cute!

And between The Getty Center and Huntington Gardens where we visited on Thursday, I've decided I could definitely get into xeriscaping--now I just need to live somewhere HOT! Look at these beautiful succulent blooms!

And now, for details. I plan on starting my internship in late April. I'll be moving down to the LA area and living with Rob's Aunt Bonnie and Rob will stay here in Rexburg and attend school. 400 internship hours are required for my program, so that means if I can work a full 40 hours a week, I'll be down there for at least ten weeks. Since we only made verbal arrangements on Wednesday, I can't tell you exactly what I'll do doing with Tic Tock, but as a general idea, I'll be learning floral design from one of the absolute best in the business. He is the cream of the crop. I'm honored that he agreed to talk to us, let alone let me come work in his shop! It still brings tears to my eyes thinking that I'm so blessed!

Because Bonnie lives about 25 miles from where I'll be interning, and in traffic that means I could spent at least an hour and a half commuting, I'm pleased to announce that I can easily take public transportation to and from instead. The train station is about three miles from Bonnie's, then I'll make a transfer to the metro at LA'a Union Station, and I'll get off at the Hollywood/Huntington station--with about a ten minute walk to Tic Tock. I figure I can either drive/ride my bike to the train station--then take my bike with me (which is allowed)--and it will take about the same amount of time as commuting via car, but I'll be able to sleep/read/put on my makeup, etc. on the train. Nice. I'm just a little more than excited, can you tell?

PS--I got "published" yesterday. Check this website to read my essay. Thanks to all those that helped me with it.

PPS--Rob is teaching me to play the didgeridoo. I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm learning.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Utter Flabbergastation!

I've had an extraordinary day.

First off, I'm in Los Angeles, California.

I had the pristine experience to watch the sun rise across Redondo Beach Marina.

I met with a the creative director of a boutique that is, for lack of better words, my dream job.

In what seems like a dream of events, I verbally secured an internship with Eddie Zaratsian, of Tic Tock Couture Florals.

I am so excited that I can't stop shaking! I've broke out into mad laughter countless times because I feel like I'm living in a dream!