Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Seannie!

Well see to ah, get to the ah Denny's to geat the ah scrumdidillyumptious "Moons Over My Hammy" deali-o you go down disah road two farsees, an it'll be on yer right, Aahhh? Aahhh? We're cooking now!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEANNIE!! May all your wildest dreams come true!

Oh, the Beauty of a Nights Slumber

I have come to realize, (as many of us I'm sure has) that my hair in the morning is a specatular sight! I had to share it with you today though, because I feel that it's pure awesomeness had outdone it'self! That and I'm going to get my hair cut within the next few days, so it's not going to be this cool again for awhile!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chase"in" a Duck

Once I arrived here in Dumfries, Laurie and I wasted no time in getting out and about, and did some shopping. As we were at Old Navy one fine day, I snagged this little dud for Chase:

Behold, his Halloween costume! Isn't he just the cutest little ducky ever!

He's going to be the talk of the neighborhood! Or at least the few people we have come to know.

What a sweetie!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally off the Road . . .

Today I finished my great trek across the US of A. Before I get to that though, let me tell you of the last two days. After leaving Illinois I took a direct shot down the highway (with a quick stop in Southbend Indiana to get new windsheild wipers) to Cadiz, Ohio. It was the desination of my last cemetery to gather information of those that have gone before me. It was dusk as I was getting into the cemetery (of course it was, that is just how things worked for me this trip) so I couldn't actually locate any of the plots I was looking for, but I had to pee, so I drove back into town to find a gas station or somewhere to relieve myself, and happened upon another local library. I only had a half an hour, but I found enough information in that short moment in time to know I'd done what I needed. Then I got back on the road . . . again . . .

My destination last night was Pittsburg, so I checked the directions, and made my way East again after leaving Cadiz. Funny thing, the highway that I was on actually took me through West Virginia. Six miles of West Virginia, but West Virginia nonetheless. It became the 36th state that I have been through. I'm pretty pumped that I got another state in, because I didn't think that by the end of the trek I was going to be able to say I'd been to another state. Now I only have 14 left to get to before I turn 30 . . . I think it's totally doable!

This beautiful townhome is where I stayed last night. I was thankful to have been a guest at Jessie's brother Phil, and his wife Tamera's home in Pittsburgh. It was my first time in Pittsburgh, and I was rather suprised at how large it is! It was quite a site coming into it . . . I was not expecting it at all! I was coming down this highway and it goes through a tunnel, right? I had no idea what was on the other side, but I come out of the tunnel, and BOOM! There was Pittsburgh! I was suddenly crossing a bridge, and speeding into this unexpected metropolis! Then I had to find my way to Phil's house, which wasn't too bad, and I enjoyed a good nights sleep.

This morning as I was leaving Pittsburgh I got a little lost . . . but thankfully I was able to find the toll way and drive even further East. I made pretty good time between PA and VA and made my way into my neighborhood without having to look at the directions, as I had studied it so many times online, in anticipation of actually arriving here!

Once I got in, I greeted my family-esque friends that lured me out here to be the Nanny for this cute little bundle of joy! This is basically the first look I got of Chase, he's two days short of being four weeks old, and the sweetest little thing! It's so exciting to finally be here, I don't know what to do now . . . but I'm sure it will be an adventure!

Happy Birthday Desiree!

Desiree Desiree, it's your Birthday, HEY HEY HEY!
Desiree, you're like one in a million!
Desiree Desiree hope you have an awesome day
Fun times are always had with Desiree!
And I hope she has an awesome bir-rthday!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Continually on the Road . . .

The last couple of days have been rather exciting! Saturday I decided I wanted to get the farewell card Celeste gave me framed, and I noticed a framing shop in town, so I figured I'd kill two bords with one stone . . . frame the card, and go gather info from the cemetery in Essex. When I got to the framing shop, the owner asked me what brought me to the area (seeing that I had Utah plates on my car) and when I told her I was gathering info for Geneology, she recommended I check out the local library because it had a ton of information about those who'd lived in the surrounding areas . . . needless to say I spent the day in Shannandoah, IA's public library, cemetery, and Essex, IA's cemetery. I got a bunch of information and work done, and got the card framed as well.

Here we have Kristina, Jami, Me, Celeste, and Johnny. The Iowa Idols. Only appropriate that I had it framed in Iowa, eh? This picture of my roommates and I display the often used house names we have for one another. Thankfully enough, Celeste is creative enough to make something beautiful out of our sick humor, and that I then was compelled to have it framed. We think we're so funny sometimes.

This morning I woke up in Des Moines, IA and tried to get to Church. Problem was that firstly, the directions I had to get to the Church was wrong, and secondly, there was a marathon going on in Des Moines that morning, so traffic was horrible. Needless to say, I got lost again in Iowa's Capital City, and I got to church an hour late. Of course, that is how Iowa is to me . . . generally evil. However the timing may have been just what I needed . . .

After Church I got on the free way and crused on over to Iowa City. I scoped out a cemetery there, and happened upon an Institute building while driving aimlessly around town. To make a long story short, I ended up getting in touch with the Geneology Specialist in the area, and we spent about three hours working on my family names there. It's amazing how I "just happened upon" that Institute building and the framing shop, eh? I don't think so. It was a power beyond just pure luck.

Now I'm spending the night in a Motel 6 in Joliet, IL. Looking forward to leaving tomorrow, and getting to Pittsburg.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Still on the Road . . .

Yesterday I spent most of the day in a Cemetery in Benkelman, Nebraska finding my ancestors. It was an awesome day, and I got a LOT done. I spent the night in McCook, NE, and this morning I spent the first few hours in a cemetery there.

Today after driving across Nebraska, which looked much like this I made my way for Essex, IA.

Just after crossing into Iowa, I saw this silo, and had to stop because I thought it would be an awesome picture with the moon in the backround.

Some place, just a different setting on my camera, so the colors are more enriched for a dusk shot. Have I ever said that I absolutely LOVE my camera? Here are some sunset shots about an hour later:

It was sooo beautiful! It for a moment in time I changed how I felt about Iowa. I thought, this can't be too bad a place if the sunsets are this great . . .

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On The Road Again!

Travel log: 10:00 AM departure from parental units home on my way Eastward. I started my trip with 121,537 miles on my odometer, and a full car. I wish I'd taken a picture, as somehow I always get everything to fit in like legos. All but my rollerblades . . . they were moved a few times during the trip . . .

When I was a kid, I would go on business trips with my Father, as he was a traveling salesman. On our way between Denver and SLC, we would always stop at Little America, Wyoming to get gasoline, and ice cream cones. It was one of my favorite things when we were on the road, so for old times sake, I stopped and got myself an ice cream cone. While I was enjoying my cone, I was wandering around the gift shop, and happened upon the coolest chess set I have ever seen. If I wasn't crossing the country at the moment, I may have bought it, because it was sooo cute! Cowboys and Indians! I love it!

Wyoming apparently harvests windpower. I thought this was an awesome picture because it was about the last thing I was expecting to see on the high plains of Wyoming.

Here I am driving toward my eastern Colorado destination of Wray. It was a beautiful and lonely road.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Media Boy!

Ladies, this is the man to whom you could ask any music/movie/entertainment-related question, and he'd know! Oh, the handsome devil! Happy 23rd! It was super-fun to see you last weekend and the farewell gala. Happy Birthday Andy!

Brilliance Strikes Again!

I absolutely love this painting of Amanda's. Seeing as I am moving out of my house today, on my quest Eastward, I had to scan it before I left so I could experience its splendor again. And I also wanted to take the liberty of sharing it with all of you out there. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Amanda's a Genius!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

All Y'all Ready to Party?!!

As this was the last weekend I will officially be an "Iowa Idol" my roommates decided to throw a little party for a few friends . . . which turned out to be the biggest bash yet we've seen at the house! I had buddies there from middle school, high school, college, New York, Ogden, and even a few that I met that night! I must say, it was hot rockin awesome!

The roomies went all out, not only did I get to be Diva for a day with my very own crown, but they decorated upstairs and Celeste put up another fantastic banner.

Not only was the inside of the house full of fun and excitement, but about an hour into the festivities, they surprised me with a pinata outside like we had for the St. Patrick's day party. But this was no ordinary pinata, but a one eyed cow pinata. Sometimes I wonder where they get their inspiration.

Beauty ain't it?

After I had my unsuccessful try to bust the darned thing open, Sean decided he'd have a go at it, while Kristina and Amanda worked on rigging it up a bit tighter.

Jeremy ws the next to try and beat the living daylights out of the cow . . . Sean mostly tawnted Jeremy with the stick while he was blindfolded though.

After many brave souls tried to crack the cow open, we finally burst through the hardcore paper mache confetti covering, and it was everyone for themselves!

The favored prize was the candy necklaces. Here is Celeste and Chris showing theirs off!

Natalie and Kristina were very proud to display their winnings!

Ian was more than eager to do what we all love to do with candy necklaces, shoot them at people!

Celeste got the most memorable prize though, the beloved eye!

Jeremy became one of the happiest guests at the end of the night though, because of my hot lips of course . . . heh . . . nah, just kidding. But those were some hot lips! They were a kazoo!

Shellyce and I had a great time . . . but it was time to move the party back inside. 40 people in the driveway at 11:00 at night can only lead to the cops getting called . . . so back inside we went!

John thought it was a good time to go inside as well . . . he and the boys had some evil little plan ready to come forth. Sean, John, and Jeremy all sprawled out on the LoveSac, and ambushed people to come "crowd surf" with them.

Scott was an innocent bystander though, thankfully enough. He had driven all day from Lake Powell so that he could attend the farewell occasion. He never fails to impress me.

Since graduating from Weber, Scott has been working on few things other than work, play, travel, and growing out his duck tail. It's official Scott. That's the best looking duck tail online! Ow Ow!

Well, it was a fantastic party . . . at least Jeremy and I thought so. Hopefully we'll be able to duplicate the success again when I visit!

Your Free time?

Kristina and I have always found interesting and cheap ways to entertain ourselves. Whether it is doing flips on the LoveSac, having a waterfight, or our new found favorite, putting grapes up our noses. Life with us is NEVER boring!

You see, Kristina bought these awesome red grapes. As we were preparing the house for a party tonight, we took a little break and had an afternoon snack. We were amazed with how big the grapes really were, and well, Kristina then proceeded to stick one up her nose. She does have rather large nostrils afterall. I then wanted to get in on the action as well, so here it goes:

Oh baby, oh baby. I think that is the worst picture of me on here yet . . . but it is all to display the fun and excitement that we come up with. The best part about these pictures however, is the fact that moments after they were taken, we burst out laughing, and shot the grapes out of our noses in a projectile like way! I've said it before, and I'lll say it again, life with us is NEVER boring!