Friday, July 29, 2005

The Warmest Snow on Earth!

Twice a year my Snow College roommates and I try and get together. Usually it's around every April and October . . . a "semi annual conference" some might say. But this year we are trying to move it up due to my need for adventure by moving across the country. We are trying to still get together again, but finding a time between now and when I move that works for us all is difficult . . . that is why we are all glad that our buddy Glendon, also from Snow, planned a Snow friends barbeque so we can at least all get together!

Here are the original six roommates. Emily, Ali, Me, Jessie, Brittany, and Heather. Funny thing is that the grrrls that shared rooms got married around the same time, and have been pregnant together! I'm the only wild and free one still . . . and Jessie was my immediate roommie, so I told her she had to hold off to start making babies!

Britt will basically take any challenge, this one involved taking the watermelon rind and wearing it as a tiara. What a goof!

Like mother like daughter! Brittany put a smaller 'pint size' watermelon rind on her daughter Emery's head!

Cute cute Emily and Ali! They are due on the same day, believe it or not!

The whole Snow group! Me, the last single one is on the end, next to Jessie and her husband Seannie; Ali with belly, and her husband Mike; Emily (who's husband, Josh had to work) and her belly; Heather, holding her daughter Trista, with husband Doug (whom we called Douggie while at school); then there is Brittany, Emery, and Jacob; Glendon with his wife Lindsey, and daughter (who's name I forgot . . . look at my old age!). Funny thing is that Doug and Josh were best friends growing up, as were Jacob and Glendon, and Jessie and Sean.

I thought this was an adorable picture. Britt and Jacob had been out in the sun a lot, so Emery is one tan little grrrl!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Who has No Cavities?

That's right! ME! That is twice in a row now that I've been to the dentist, and didn't have to go back! The dental hygienist this time told be that my teeth were very easy to clean, and my dentist himself only poked around in my mouth for about 30 seconds. It was awesome! Let sweet happiness prevail for no cavities!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Harry Potter Mania!

Wow! It's taken me some time to get to any updates on here . . . two reasons. Firstly, I've been engrossed in reading Harry Potter the last few days. I finished tonight, and now I feel the urge to go back and watch the first three movies, and re-read book number five.

And the other reason? The memory on my computer is on the fritz, so I'm working on figuring it out. It'll probably be down for a few days . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Teri!

Happy Birthday to my self titled "hyperactive" little sister Teri! I hope your year 15 is as fun and adventurous as mine was . . . I Love You my little sis!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh the Holiness of a Slip N Slide!

Being a chairperson over FHE in my singles ward is one of the best callings a grrrl can have. We get to plan the funnest activites on the block, and reap the benefits too! This week we had the raddest slip n slide known to man!

You see, thanks to our hookups through Travis, we got three vinyl billboards and lined them up to create the perfect durable LONG slide. Then we got the park maintenance dude to turn on a faucet to spray water down the slide, and let the happiness prevail!

As you can see, the slippery slide was enjoyed by all!

Here's Kim coming to a watery stop approaching the grass at the bottom.

Alison, Moroni, Ben, Alex, and Heather all enjoyed the ride down the hill!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Colorado ROAD TRIP!

Once again it's time for a road trip! My Mother called me last Thursday night, and asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I was planning on volunteering for a triathlon, but when she proposed the idea of road trip with the family . . . I couldn't refuse! It had been about two years since the last time I was cramped in the car for an extended period of time. 18 hours of driving time in less than 48 hours time just makes my heart skip for the adventure that always follows!

The destination was the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. "Spanning 8,000 square miles, the San Luis Valley is the world's largest alpine valley. The average altitude is 7,500 feet. Everywhere you go here, majestic mountains surround the many attractions and provide the ultimate environment for the outdoor enthusiast." To learn more, click here.

This is a picture of a barn that my great grandfather built in La Jara, CO at least 50 years ago. Not sure of actual time frame, just a guesstimate.

This house is where my great grandparents lived in when my mother was a child. She spent many a summers within these walls.

Not only is the elevation 60 feet above the average for the valley, but the booming metropolis of Sanford has the residence of a whopping 750 people! My great great grandparents walked from the Salt Lake valley to Sanford, CO as children to settle this area. Over 560 miles by foot in the blistering heat of a desert summer. Gross, if you ask me. It's amazing it only took us 9 hours, while it would have taken them months!

Because I can only spend so much time in a small town before I get restless and since we were so close to New Mexico, I was determined to go down to the border and take a walk in New Mexico. Too bad the picture had to be taken from inside the car because of the wind . . . the blurry spots are the bugs we hit during the trek! Here is Teri, my cute little sister, Tara, my cute little cousin that I had not ever met before, myself, and my Father.

And us returning to Colorful Colorado!

This point of interest was something we weren't planning on experiencing, but it was an added treat! In Conejos, CO on our way back to Sanford, we came across the oldest church in Colorado! Now that I'm looking through my pictures, I realize that I didn't get the name of the Church, but it's the oldest, nonetheless. Cool, eh? Never thought you'd get a history lesson didja!

Here is my Mother's cousin Ron. That would make him my first cousin, once-removed, right? Anyway . . . this weekend was the first time I remember meeting him, along with many other family members. So he built this hot rockin' cooker thingy where he smoked a LOT of ham, potatoes, carrots, and corn and we had a major feast!

This is the license plate on the cooker trailer. Appropriately named, I must say.

Teri and Tara were pretty sad to have to leave on another. Tara is Teri's favorite cousin, although they only met two years ago. Actually, if you want to get technical, Tara is Teri's and my second cousin, as our parents are cousins. Teri doesn't actually have any first cousins her age, because our parents are the youngest in their families, as is she!

As we were leaving Sanford, my Mother asked if I wanted to go meet my great grandparents! Or at least, see where they are buried. Since we've been working on Genealogy the last couple of years, I of course did. We visited our families burial places, and I even saw the headstone for the great great grandmother from whom I got my middle name! As we were heading out of the cemetery, I saw this little plaque on a headstone, and I thought it was pretty cool. These people were pioneers in a handcart trek.

What is at the end of the rainbow? Who knows, but it sure made a pretty picture!

Ahhh, the power of sunsets. Some of my favorite kinds of pictures. My little sister Teri took this one, she's got some real potential for photography, I think!

I took this one, and love how the beams of light are coming off the sun. Pretty good for snapping pictures while speeding down the highway, eh?

This one is one of my favorites though. It's currently my desktop on my computer. I actually made my Mother stop driving to capture this one. Ahhh, the power of sunsets!

Okay, so I admit it's kinda blurry, but I really wanted to get a picture of the river in the canyon we were driving down. Mom wouldn't stop again, so this is as good as it gets. But just imagine what it could have looked like had we stopped and I'd been able to frame it properly. Basically though, the weekend was a quick blur of driving, chillin' with the family, and taking great pictures from the backseat of the car!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

What do you get when . . .

What do you get when you combine lack of sleep, toothpicks, a camera, and a spitfire kitten? Pictures like these!

You see, my brother Patrick and I spent a few hours trying to figure out why my computer is freaking out lately. As you can see, most of the time Pat has a toothpick in his mouth.

At first the kitten, Smokey just kind of batted at the toothpick . . .

Then Pat tuckered the poor thing out, so it had to get a drink . . .

Then we decided to taunt Smokey and get him to play with it . . .

Once he got it out of the clip he played with it for a few minutes . . .

And this is what we were both waiting for! To get Smokey to have the toothpick in his mouth as well. You know how some pets seem to resemble their owners? Perhaps in this case Smokey just picked up the habit!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Newest Newlyweds!

Congratulations to the happy couple! Today my sister Susie got a new last name, and a husband! What a deal! Bryant swept her off her feet, and now they are off riding into a sunset somewhere . . . happily ever after, no doubt!

We thought Bryant had better sense than to lick a knife . . . he got Susie afterall . . . thankfully enough he didn't cut his tounge!

Here they are cutting the cake. Our mother made a fantastic carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It was fantastic!

My favorite part of any wedding, the shoving contest!

Bryant got Susie good, frosting up the nose, across her cheek, and on her forehead. I would have smashed it right back in his face, but she was "the better person" and fed the cake to him nicely. Better person my eye! I bet she got him good later!!

I arranged the flowers for the occasion, and I feel pretty good about it. After doing three of my four married siblings weddings, it's about time I break out and make some money! Bouquets, buttoners, and corsages are my specialty. Any takers?

Matt a la Masterpiece

After Susie's wedding celebration, I had another occasion to attend at my roommie Holly's house. She had been planning a barbeque for about four months, and I was rather looking forward to it. I got there and Amanda and I got talking to a couple of Holly's high school buddies . . . then she got roped into this . . .

Once Amanda mentioned that she was an art major, Matt, as seen here volenteered a 'masterpiece' of an idea.

That for her next showing, she should get 5-10 guys and paint on their bare chests.

She was hesitant at first, and then when she asked me "her conscience" (so she calls me) what I thought, "Why not! Have a go at it Amanda!" was my reply.

She wasn't sure what quite to draw, so she decided on something nice and innocent.

Then with maple leaves as her paintbrush, a styrofoam plate as her palette, and acrylic paint from the trunk of her car, she created this!

Matt a la Masterpiece! Your claim to fame has been published!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday to the US of A!!

Fireworks! What a grand and glorious display of Patriotism! My thanks goes out to the Founding Fathers, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and all the rest!

My family and I gathered for a barbeque at my sister Stephanie's new abode to watch the fireworks from her back deck. We had a nice view, and thankfully my camera took some great pictures!

Here is my adorable nephew, Alex. He normally looks a bit more charming, however with two glowing necklaces wrapped around his head, he thinks he's the wrestler VADER.

My sister Teri and nephew Nicholas. Aren't they just precious?

And then there is my nephew John. I took this picture to display the pure innocence of a begging four year old. He just asked me if he could take a picture with my camera. I kindly told him no, because of the lesson I learned
last time.

And my Father. After almost every family gathering, he's got to take a "I'm not asleep, I can hear you talking" kind of nap.

This was our personal display of fireworks . . . it was VERY BRIGHT to say the least.

So bright in fact that Bryant, my sister Susie's fiance put on his shades! It's not exactly the clearest picture, but it was night, and the only light were the fireworks themselves.

Holy bucket full of fireworks! It probably took over an hour to set them all off. We ended at about 11:45 pm. Nice way to announce yourself to the new neighbors Steph!