Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Christmas Letter

Family and Friends!

Tis the season, right? We figured sending out a Holiday email/blog is going to be our method of wishing you all happiness and joy this season.

So this year has been wonderful for us. We started the year out packing Rob up in his newly purchased 1986 Toyota pickup and sending him off to Rexburg for his first semester of school at BYU-I. He had three suitcases in the back and as many warm blankets as I could find in my parents house. Rob worked very hard and earned himself a 4.0 that first semester. Pretty good for an engaged man!

I returned to Virginia for another month and a half to work and finish my nanny job with Laurie and the boys. Mid-February I packed up all the earthly possessions I could fit into my (and part of a friends) car and started my third cross country drive--second time solo. I left Virginia Sunday afternoon about 1PM, and eventually got to my parents house in Sandy, UT around 10 PM Tuesday night, and Rob was only a half hour away himself. We hadn't seen each other in a month and a half, and we'd both driven several hours and miles (just 35 hours driving, 2,225 miles for me) to be in the same place again. The reunion was sweet.

So fast forward a couple more months and we finally get to the best reason for us to celebrate all year. We got married!

We were sealed on April 7, 2007 in the Jordan River Temple at noon by Rob's Grandpa Wheelwright. It was a beautiful day, great warm weather, and sunny skies. We had a simple luncheon and reception that afternoon and evening in Sandy.

Getting married the day before Easter has it's advantages, and we took that to heart. Our table decorations were rounds of home-grown wheat grass, and easter eggs. It was fun. Just as I'd always wanted.

We spent our honeymoon in Salt Lake, close to downtown and the city life we love. We went hiking, rifled through used book stores, had a picnic at Liberty Park by the "lake" and wandered around the Salt Lake City Library. A few days later we resurfaced and left for Rexburg together. YAY!

We moved into our apartment on April 11th, and it seems like time since then has completely flown by. Rob started his second semester the week after we were married, and worked part-time. Once he got out of school he found a job in Idaho Falls, working at Boise Building Materials Distribution Center, driving a forklift and loving it. Oh, and bytheway, he got ANOTHER 4.0. I married such a smartie. :) I've been working in Idaho Falls since April at a call center doing customer service for student loan processing. At Church we've been serving in the Nursery. Me as the Nursery Leader, and Rob as a Nursery Worker. We've got almost 40 toddlers in there, and are looking forward to the new year when the 3 year olds move into Sunbeams. ;)

The next few months are more or less a blur. It's so nice to just be together. In addition to adding Rob to my family in May my sister Susie and her husband Bryant welcomed into the world twin boys.

Derek and Riley, such cuties.

Rob's sister Susan and her husband Tim also brought us another beautiful niece in July.

Evangeline--she's definitely got the most hair I've EVER seen on a baby!

We had our share of car swapping this summer. We sold my 2006 Corolla and bought our 1997 Honda Civic. In August we went to my family reunion in West Yellowstone and got in some camping. In September we did more camping at a lake not far from Rexburg, which was GREAT!

Thanksgiving weekend we spent with my family, and got family pictures with my whole side of the family. It was basically CRAZINESS, but we got some decent shots in.

Now it's December. It's cold. I know, that sounds as such a shock as we live in Rexburg, but it's REALLY COLD. I've reveled in Virginia winters the last two years, and it's ruined me. I thought deep down I was hardy because of those northern New York winters. Not quite. I've become a softie, for sure.

Rob is getting ready to go back to school in January, and we are stocking up to keep food in our bellies while he's in school and possibly not working. We want to keep those 4.0's coming, since we've had great luck with them thus far. Rob will be getting a full tuition scholarship this upcoming school year, and we couldn't be happier!

We wish you the best this Holiday season, and hope happy adventures cross your path this next year. Merry Christmas!

Rob and Kristin

My hair is in a ponytail.

I know, it doesn't sound like THAT miraculous of an experience, but I haven't had my hair in a ponytail since
basically 2003. That means we're going on five years of super short hair. It actually reaches my shoulders now. Compare that with my June 2005 pictures on my blog. Weird.