Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eleven Eleven

I never realized how much I would come to appreciate the number eleven. Let's go back in time for a moment.

November 11, 2006. It started out normal enough. I'd spent the night at a friends (Eryn, Kami, and Megan's) house, like basically EVERY weekend as of late, and Eryn and I were going to participate in a Volleyball tournament that morning. We ate McDonalds hashbrowns for breakfast, played some hot-rockin awesome v-ball and were rather enjoying the crisp fall weather. Afterward we went to the mall to pick up a few cd's at F.Y.E., and some lotion at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was a nice refreshing afternoon.

Eventually we made it back to Eryn's to clean our stinkie bodies and get ready for a night out. We both had dates, which was unusual (for me--she dated all the time), but looked forward to. My plans were dinner and a movie with a friend, and Eryn was going mini-golfing with Bryan on a double date with Kami and her beau.

Before I left to pick up my friend Rob for our evening out, I called my bro Greg to wish him a happy birthday. I told him I was going out that night, but it was just a casual thing. The guy I would be spending the evening with was leaving for school the next month, and we were just friends.

All that aside, let's face it we all looked HOT that night. We are babes, and know how to feature our best assets. It's true, you can be jealous if you want. The "trick" up my sleeve were my black boots. I didn't know they'd go off so well, but apparently this friend of mine, Rob was quite entranced. Like I mentioned we were good friends, but I wanted to look just a bit nicer than normal that night. Rob and I had spent plenty of time together, but I'm a hoodie and sneaker kinda girl. He'd never seen me in heels--or at least never taken the time to notice at church . . . once I stepped out of the car that night Rob noticed right away something was different. Click click click click went the tapping of my hot black boots against asphalt as I walked. Apparently that sound alone "really did something" to Rob. A fire began . . .

Well those of you who would be reading this blog of course knows that Rob and I ended up unexpectedly hitting it off, and were hardly seen without one another until I left to Utah for Christmas 41 days later. We realized that our friendship was meant for "more than just friends" and somehow I went home for Christmas engaged to that man!

The number eleven somehow became special to me, and has continued to be special since. November 11th was always a special day. It's the day we Americans celebrate our veterans, it's my brother's birthday, I started my first "real" post-16th birthday job back in 1998. But this day I went on the first date with the man I married. Eleven days after our first kiss we used the word "love" to express our feelings for one another. The wedding ring we picked out for me has eleven diamonds. I got it on January 11th. We moved into our apartment on April 11th, and we live in number 411. I know, it's totally cheesy, but I think it's fun.

WEIRD thing to think about is that we moved into our home five months to the day of our first date. I always had this "rule" what I wanted to know the man I would marry for at least a year before "walking down the aisle". Well, it didn't happen. And looking back I'm glad I didn't keep to my silly girlish fantasies. I love my husband Rob very much and I know it's only going to get better from here . . . And Rob, thanks for the wonderful year we've had. I love you.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Now what?

I finished the last Harry Potter book this week, and I feel it was a really satisfying good book. Thought I better document the occasion. Life is good. ;)

Oh, and a new website I've been loving on my days off is How it works is you put in an artist/band that you want to listen to, and then it streams songs from similar bands with the same kind of feel. For instance this morning I've been in a Keane kinda mood, and Pandora has given me some Keane with a side dish of Ben Folds Five, The Killers, Coldplay, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, New Atlantic, and more. All with the same kind of vibe. I think this is the best way to find a new band whose cd you should buy . . . It's fantastic. I'm such a fan.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My ADORABLE newest nephews!

So my lil' sis Susie sent me these pictures yesterday of her adorable little gents! I just HAD to share!

Here is Riley, what a sweetie!

And Derek, so CUTE!!

They were born in May, so that makes them going on 6 months old! FUN!