Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studio Lighting Portfolio

This is my studio lighting portfolio. All the images that I turned in are either 8x8 or 8x10 and matted. It was my first time measuring and cutting mats so the whole project really stressed me out, but it's done and turned in. I'll get it back tonight after 7 pm. I really hope I do well because these six pictures are worth 40% of my total grade in this class. AHHH! The "names" under the pictures were the requirements I was given for each image.

A box shaped object

Translucent glass



Casual portrait

Formal Portrait

Thanks to all my models, studio helpers, and anyone that offered encouragement. This was quite the class.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Um, wow.

Wow. I know. It's been awhile. Six and a half months . . . ok, fine. It's been more than half a year. Well, needless to say it's been an amazing six and a half months. Since the last time I wrote I've:
  • Worked on three award winning floats in the Pasadena Rose Parade
  • Gone showshoeing for the first time--then went swimming in a hot spring--in the dead of winter
  • Ate Sushi in Boise, ID
  • Won t-shirt design contests for the Horticulture AND Geology Departments
  • Survived Valentines day as a florist :)
  • Went cross country skiing
  • Taught a flower arranging class to a Young Womens group
  • Saw the play, MacBeth
  • Participated in the 22nd Annual Floral and Bridal Open House at BYU-Idaho
  • Created a favicon for the Horticulture Department
  • Designed a "glow in the dark" floral arrangement
  • Stayed four hours late at work on a Saturday night--by myself
  • Designed and installed a permanent display in the Benson Building for the Horticulture Department
  • Gotten to ride behind a show machine in a sled--ending in a bruised behind
  • Tried to quit one of my jobs, only to get a raise and an open schedule
  • Took my road bike out on it's first real ride--27 miles--out and around Menan Butte
  • Earned (and deserved) my first C at BYU-Idaho
  • Gone on a week and a half long field trip to CA; starting in San Diego and ending in San Fransisco
  • Convinced Rob to come swing dancing with me MULTIPLE times
  • Taken a racquetball class
  • Taken a water aerobics class
  • Mountain Biked to a crater in the middle of the freaking desert
  • Designed a logo for the Horticulture Department
  • Bought Rob a sweet road bike
  • Camped and Mountain biked in Logan's Green Canyon
  • Put together a photographic weed collection, which can be found at: http://horticulture412pestcontrol.weebly.com/
  • Took family photos of one of my professors and his adorable family
  • Started running
  • Experienced Craters of the Moon National Monument for the first time
  • Experienced Tillamook cheese AT the Tillamook factory
  • Designed fresh floral arrangements on five award winning floats in the Portland Rose Parade
  • Missed my ten year high school reunion--because I chose the Rose Parade over it
  • Made a bug collection
  • Had my "yearly womanly exam"
  • Had my blood tested to see if my insulin index has changed at all over the last year
  • Raised my insulin index four points--into normal levels--over the last year
  • Went on my longest solo bike ride--45 miles
  • Became an ironman triathlete--a lazyman ironman--ran 26 miles, biked 112 (I actually did 233), and swam 2.7 in 25 days (I had a whole month)
  • Completed a half century bike race in three hours and twelve minutes
  • Injured my foot :(
  • Turned 28
  • Ran/walked my first 5k in 41 minutes flat--Rob ran the whole way in 30:34
  • Took lots of pictures over the last semester
  • Ridden my bikes (between the mountain and road bike) approximately 478 miles so far this year
  • Completed my Studio Lighting Portfolio
So, it's been busy. Still no excuse for no posts, especially since Rob has been gone during the week for the last month and a half. Oh well. He's just about to get home and summer will begin soon. :)