Friday, March 27, 2009

Brand New Haircut

Whaddya think?


So, this post is for those who are wondering about my last post, and why I'm sad. Basically, a great opportunity for me fell through Wednesday night. I'm heartbroken.

The nice thing however, is that it made for some good photography. I had an assignment for my photography class where I needed to get a portrait of myself, but until then had no success. I think it was the hardest thing that I ever made Rob do--take pictures of me while I was bawling my eyes out--but honestly, from the photos I feel a great sense of healing, and I know things will work out. Here are my five other favorites.

This is the one that I turned in for my assignment. It expresses a very large part of me--that I am an emotional girl. My puffy, red eyes say it all. I look worn out, and hopeless. This is exactly how I felt in the moment, and I love how the emotion comes across. This is me.

But to every downside, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Things will work out for the best. I'll be led to where I need to be. I'll be just fine.

So please understand that I'm not quite ready to talk about the specifics. I need a little more time, and hopefully a resolution to the situation. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Have you ever felt like this before?

Well, that is how I feel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My bouquet

For the floral show last weekend I had the opportunity to make a bridal bouquet. I was initially only given three orange Roses and a single sprig of Heather, then the type of bouquet holder and greens I used I got to choose. Once I had set up my main structure, Professor Romney was inspired to give me the three Pincushion Protea, and this is what I created:

It was a triangular bouquet, which I set up with the woven palms and heather. To play up the texture of the palms I first sprayed them with leaf shine, to make sure they wouldn't get lost with all the other elements of the design.

The Protea made a great focal point and created a lot of interest.

Looking up from the bottom of the design, this shows off the Ti leaves, weaved palms, and lowest rose.

It was such a fun design to create, and not knowing what flowers I would get really let the flowers speak to me and tell me what to design.

I've got more pictures to upload from the show, so keep your eyes peeled . . . and check out my portfolio blog to see more of my designs.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today I Became My Mother

Yes, it's true. Every girl eventually grows up and does something that her mother did, no matter how hard they might try not to. Today, I made Tricky-Kix.

This is Tricky-Kix. As children, my siblings and I REALLY liked the cereal Trix. All that sugary, puffed, rainbow colored, whole-grain goodness got our mouths-a-watering, so my Mom would mix a box of Trix with a box or two of Kix to get the Trix to last longer. She called it Tricky-Kix.

Today as I was walking down the cereal aisle, I noticed that the Kix were on sale . . . and that the Trix were on sale too . . . since I'm so incredibly tired of eating shredded wheat for breakfast I knew what had to be done. I had to make up a batch of Tricky-Kix. I did, and it's absolutely awesome. Rob even likes them.

Up next is evidence that I'm looking forward to motherhood. While at DI tonight, I spotted this adorable little beanie. The moment I saw it, I knew that the unconceived baby girl in my future will wear it. I showed it to Rob, and even used the name that we've agreed on for our future little girl.

The beanie is so adorable; it's made out of glittery turquoise yarn, and the liner is like soft t-shirt material. Our little girl is going to have the cutest little fall and spring-time beanie there is!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Last Week

The last week of my life has been a whirlwind. I took the hardest test I've ever experienced and got an 80.5% (couldn't be happier). I took two rolls of film for my photography assignment, and then realized after developing the negatives that I double exposed one of the rolls. I did four loads of laundry, spent two hours in DI, swam plenty of laps in the pool, drove to Utah, and attended a baby shower. It's been a busy week. The main reason why I wanted to post tonight though, is because I've taken some great shots with my digital camera, and I want to share--err, show off.

This was one of the pictures that I took with my film camera that ended up getting double exposed. Can I tell you HOW THANKFUL I am that I also shot this scene with my digital? I love how the clouds are rolling in, and the sun is just shining through.

This is another that I felt inclined to back-up with the digital camera, which I'm again, VERY happy that I did. Rexburg may be a wet, cold, gray place, but it sure is pretty sometimes.

Now for something completely different, I went to a baby shower this weekend, and I think this little name plaque that my sister, Teri, and my mom made is adorable. The shadow from the baby shower sign ain't that bad, either.

Can you tell that it's a safari theme?

I think it looks great up on this beautiful mantle. I feel so artsy.

As the sun set I noticed that there was really good lighting at the house we were at, and wanted to take some pictures in the light. My niece, Tasha, had just picked up a piece of carrot cake, and I knew her purpose in being there was for me to take pictures of her. She was SO agreeable and easy to work with. If only all kids were this dang cute!

I loved this one of Tasha and Gavin, one of my eight--soon to be nine--nephews. Gavin looks like he's eying the carrot cake to snatch it away, and she's looking leery of him being so close.

I love how in this shot I actually caught Tasha with the frosting on her tongue.

Gavin didn't want to let Tasha get all the camera glory, so I took a couple shots of him, and he's quite the photogenic little gent.

Tasha was getting a little cold since twilight was upon us. Poor little cutie! Perhaps I should have had her put on her jacket before going outside?

Once all the good lighting outside was gone, I thought I'd take this fun shot of the refreshments we served. This is my niece, Karyssa's plate. Notice show she's taken a bite of the lemon bar, brownie, and licked the cream cheese frosting off of the carrot cake?

These were the nut cups that we made out of tissues, cotton balls, and plain ol' nut cups. A little redundant maybe, but much more fun than plain ol' nut cups!

So that's all for now! Now on to a new week of craziness! Speaking of craziness, can you believe it's MARCH! For heaven sakes!