Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's March Already?

Wow! I can't believe it's already March! I guess I spent most of January sick, and February blows by so quickly because it's so short . . . but March? And now we're halfway though no less. Goodness.

I realized this evening that I haven't blogged constantly for some time. Between spending 10 hour days at work, and trying to nuggle my cute husband at night I've gotten lost in enjoying my friends and families blogs, but totally bypassed my own. Now, with Rob off on a field trip to the Grand Canyon I figured I've got some time to jot a few things down.

First off, the world lost a great man on February 25th at 6:17 pm. Reid Nibley married my Aunt Nona just short of seven years ago, and although I didn't know him that well I looked up to him tremendously. He was an inspiring, sweet, kind man that made Nona light up. I've always looked to her for advice and she's always encouraged me to go on my next great adventure. I'm so happy she had him as a part of her life, even if it was for such a short time. He will be missed by me, his family, and the hundreds he taught over the years. Farewell Reid.

On a lighter note, my hair is getting really long! This is the longest it's been in about five years, and I'm actually still tolerating it. Rob told me the other day that it'd be cool if I wanted to get it cut short again like it was while we were dating, and I didn't feel compelled to go out RIGHT THEN and chop it off. It was a weird feeling.

Next, I can't make pancakes worth crap. Maybe I added too much water to the mix, or I'm cursed; maybe both. I've always had trouble getting pancakes to come out nice and fluffy like you would imagine them. Any suggestions?

Rob and I have been married for almost a year now. Our 11th monthaversary was last weekend, and we are so happy and absolutely loving being married. It's hard to imagine that one year ago I was picking up our wedding invitations and buying envelopes to send them out in. It was such a nice, sunny day. He makes me so happy. With him being away on a school field trip tonight will be our first night away from each other since being married. He's in Capitol Reef tonight, and will be at the Grand Canyon tomorrow. I've kept upbeat music on all day to try and keep my spirits up. I only wish he had cell phone reception out there so I could tell him goodnight and that I love him. I miss him so much!

Anyway. I better go get my bummies in bed. Goodnight.


Brittany Wright said...

I love that you still use bummies! It made me laugh. Also, you are looking the hair. And Jac and I were just talking about you, trying to teach Ethan not to head butt so hard. You have brought so many great memories into our lives,which I wouldn't change for a second. Thanks Kristin! Love ya.

Candace E. Salima said...

Oh my goodness. My husband has end-stage renal failure. I was at dialysis the other day, waiting for my husband, and speaking to one of the other wives also waiting. Somehow we got on the topic of Reed Nibley. She mentioned how her husband had worked with him for years. What a fantastic man and piano player he was. She simply raved about him. How odd that I would be cruising the internet for LDS Blogs and come across yours and this post on Br. Nibley. What a small, small world. I am sorry for your loss.

Pancakes - go to my website, and try that pancake recipe. It's been in my family for decades upon decades, possibly centuries. Then here are your tips:

Heat the griddle or pan, between medium and low heat. Once you can sprinkle water on it and have it pop and dance then it is ready to pour the pancake batter on.

Pour a manageable size so that they are easy to turn. You don't have to have gigantic pancakes.

Once the batter begins to bubble, flip the pancake. Wait a couple of minutes and touch the center of the pancake with the tips of your fingers. If it springs back, it's done.

Pancakes are my favorite thing! Good luck.