Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Little Puker!

Here is our pumpkin for the year. We have to lure kids up to the third floor by setting one out, otherwise we get no trick-or-treaters, as evidenced by the first two years here, but last year we got six. I'm hoping for more this year so that Rob doesn't eat all the twix by himself. :)

Oh, and other good news! Rob has decided to do the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay in January. AKA, we're going to Florida in January! It's going to be our Christmas/Graduation presents to ourselves. Yeah, we graduate in 49 days-December 18th. For those of you that are interested in more info about times and such, I'll post it and email it out as soon as we get it.

Another fun note is that Rob will be presenting at the AGU Conference the week of Graduation, in San Francisco, so scheduling might be crazy for us. But, 49 days! Hurrah!
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Ruth Ann said...

I have NEVER seen a puking Halloween pumpkin. Oh MY Lands!! Presenting the week he graduates!!!! Wonderful! I assume he will walk in the graduation ceremony...I want to fly out to see my son and his wife walk, but if they don't I'm not buying the ticket!

Jessi said...

I love it!

Josh and Emily Mason said...

Love it! We made our pumpkin puke this year too. :) Excited for your graduation! That's awesome, and the trip sounds great too!

Jen said...

Congrats! SOOOO exciting for you two!