Saturday, August 13, 2005

THE Crew

We may not get together as often as wel like these days, but my friends and I try and get in a few good hang out sessions a year. This time it was a pure spur of the moment. Basically I called around to see who was in town, and drove to a few houses because I didn't have old phone numbers, but the result was fansastic!

Campfire is an essential part of us getting together. During our high school years we had many. Usually they were illegal, but they were frequent. That and campouts . . . late night park visits . . . meeting and running from the cops . . .

Ben and I go back quite a way! We worked together at Bell View Elementary as sanitation engineers when we were 14! I love a good talk with Ben as always brings wisdom and great stories! He's definately one of the best story tellers I know!

Jessie and Sean. Ahhh, young love!

Seth knows how to treat the camera! Doesn't he have a remarkable resemblance to Popeye?

And here is the whole crew in attendance . . . Jeremy trying to jump in the fire, and on the next row is me, Melanie, Natalie, Jessie, Kali, Teri, (my adorable little sis to I basically forced to come with us). Next row, Seth, Levi, Mike, Seannie, Ben, and Andy in the back back.

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