Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sadness . . .

Oh, the sadness of being a woman. In my attempt to leave the "tomboy" within me behind and become more "feminine" I've gone through a few changes in my lifestyle the last few years. I'm not talking about huge things . . . simple stuff . . . no more shopping at savers for second-hand t-shirts, wearing lip-gloss, changing my earrings to "go" with my outfit, that kinda thing.

To go along with these simple changes, since I've been in VA I've treated myself every few months or so to a pedicure. It's a nice way to relax and since I wear sandals often it helps keep my feet soft.

Tonight was an ideal time to go treat myself. I've had some long days the last few weeks, and I had just enough time to go pamper myself, then get home in time to see who got kicked off American Idol (yes, I'm not afraid to admit it, I'm an American Idol JUNKIE!).

I decided to go to a nail salon right down the road from my house for a few reasons: first, its convenient. Hence "right down the road". Second, I'd gone in there once before and lets face it, it was a nice salon. Clean instruments, comfortable pedicure chairs, good music, and good results. And third, well, something happened the first time I went there that was rather frustrating. But because of my first two points, (I had to get back for Idol!) I was giving it a second chance . . . but we'll get to that in a minute.

You see the reason that I went in the place the first time was that I was given a gift certificate. Rockin! The frustrating thing is that as the technician was filing my toes, she knocked my brand new, never been used bottle of OPI polish (aka expensive polish) off the platform it was sitting on and it shattered! Deep red polish was spattered all over the floor, pedicure chair, and my sandals. I must admit I was a little sad about the sandals, but lets face the facts here, they were just sandals (Second generation hand-me-downs from my roommate, no less).

I tried to keep it light because it looked like the technician was about to cry. She'd probably just had a really long day, and I didn't want to make it any worse. I just told her to not worry about my newly painted sandals, I basically wanted her to finish with my toes so I could make a dinner appointment. As another employee cleaned my shoes the best she could (although they are still stained red) the technician continued on the task at hand. I picked out a new color, and I thought to make up for the polish problem she gave me a paraffin wax. (for those of you who don't know what that is, basically they dip your feet in wax and it helps keep your feet super soft!) Once the pedicure was done, I had to skedaddle, so I handed over my gift certificate, and a tip for the tech. She didn't want to accept it, but I simply told her it was a simple mistake, and not to worry, I'd be back. Hence my third point, to give it a second chance.

So I go back to this same place. There were a couple of people already in the middle of getting pedicures, so the tech working filled up a pedicure basin for me, and I sat in the chair soaking my feet until it was my turn. I read my book and enjoyed just being able to chill for a few minutes as the chair massaged my back. Once the process was underway, the tech asked if I wanted the basic pedicure, I told him yes. He also tried to sell me a manicure, but I declined since I'd just clipped my cuticles yesterday and my nails looked fine. As I thought the time had come for the polish, he told me to swing my feet around and dip them in the paraffin wax . . . now I thought the wax was extra . . . but he explained it was included with the normal service. *sha-wing!* I was stoked. For a $20 pedicure to include a paraffin wax is an amazing thing. I thought I was getting a deal for sure! The nail salon was officially redeemed from my first frustrating experience. I thought all was well when I left, and that I would be able to enjoy Idol in peace.

Well, I did enjoy Idol in peace. Aside from Chase's occasional outbursts, and the fact that I would have liked to see Taylor Hicks go home tonight instead of Elliot Yamin . . . that is a whole other story though!

The problem wasn't discovered until I was chatting it up with my little sister on MSN Messenger. I was telling her how nice and soft my feet were, and how when she comes out here we'll have to go have a grrrly day. As I looked down at my feet to admire my perfectly polished posies, I noticed that my polish was no longer on my toenails, but smeared all over my feet and ankles! *WHAT THE???* Apparently the guy doing my pedicure didn't get all the wax off my toenails. You see, when you paint someone's toenails, that still have wax on them, THE NAILS NEVER DRY!! I of course just realized this as I looked down to see how cute my feet should have looked!

Sadly, I'm going to have to take off all my toenail polish and paint them myself again! I may have well sat home and painted my own darned toes, you know! Perhaps it's about time to go back to being au natural.


Man, this salon is just killing my faith in them. I went back hoping that I could have a better experience, AND WHAT REWARDS DO I REAP?

Perhaps only the knowledge that being a tomboy isn't so bad . . . but in all honesty, I've known that all along!

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