Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ferris Bueller's Day Off . . .

Tonight I was reminded of school days of past. I was flipping through the channels and came across the classic: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

"Who hasn't known someone like Ferris Bueller? Someone who always has a plan, someone who made loafing off an art form, someone who could fall in a barrel of you-know-what and come out smelling like a rose?" -

"I don't care if you're fifty five or seven, everybody needs a day off now and then. It's a beautiful day. How can I be expected to handle high school?" That was how I thought in High School as well. Not daily, but occasionally.

The Movie remined me of one of the great days off I had with my two best friends, Jessie and Nan. We started off going to a neighboring high school to visit one of my favorite teachers, Brother Thurston. Then we headed to downtown Salt Lake City to drive around and loiter. As we were aimlessly driving around, we decided to take a tour of The Cathedral Of The Madeleine as none of us had ever been there. It is a beautiful building. We then drive around some more, and saw that outside of The Capital Theatre there were a bunch of elementary school aged kids, and busses . . . we wanted to investigate. I parked my awesome '88 Chevy Sprint "The Flying Tin Can" as we called it, and walked around outside. We found out there was a ballet that afternoon, and we were actually invited inside to watch it. Of course we were not going to pass up such an opportunity, so we settled in on the balcony, and anticipated the great event.

That is when the "OH CRAP" factor hit. You see, we sat pretty far up to the top, as to not take seats away from the students coming in, so we thought we were totally safe. Then we started to see kids our ages file into the theatre. Then students we knew, and Nan's arobics teacher, Mrs. Williams -whom's class she was sluffing! Mrs. Williams and JHS's Dance Company were on a field trip as well . . . needless to say we sat low in our chairs, and ducked out as soon as the ballet was over!

After that excitement, we were starving, and went to our beloved Dee's Family Restaurant on North Temple and 150 East. (it has since been turned into a parking lot . . . oh the sadness!) After our fantastic lunch, we went out to Hale Center Theatre, and took a tour of the place, and looked through the costumes they had. It was so awesome! At great ending to a day of adventure!

I think the coolest thing about the whole day is that we were sluffing school, out in the open air, and no one even thought about stopping us in our tracks! We totally got away with it! Woo hoo! After all the fun, we did eventually go back to school. I had to get to my horticulture class, and Jessie and Nan couldn't miss the last period, but I must say, we had an awesome time! Thanks to Ferris Bueller, we made it happen, and had a day comparable to his!

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