Saturday, October 22, 2005

Party in the Woods!

I've come to discover that here is VA, we know how to party! Tonight I went to the second of three awesome halloween dances. Last night was one in Centerville, VA . . . I didn't dress up, as I was unsure how many others would dress up . . . but I learned! It's an interesting feeling being one of the few not dressed up at a costume party . . .

So tonight I decided to jump on the bandwagon and got into the spirit of things. I wanted to dress up as Syndrome, from The Incredibles, because I can make my hair stick up so perfectly . . . but I copped out and went as a simple cowgirl.

Here we have Sarah, Rachel, Robert, and Ron. As you can see, the boys got more into the halloween spirit, Ron especially as the Holy Spirit.

Ruthie wore some of her own funky clothes, and looked fabulous! While Ron went all out and even spray painted his shoes . . . I can't imagine trying to get all that white makeup off!

This was definately my most favorite costume of the evening though. How awesome to be Homestar Runner for halloween!

Ruthie and Jeremy out on the dance floor shakin' their groove thang.

The barn that the dance was in was decorated so cool . . . this bumper sticker was one of my favorite parts . . . heh . . . it was a great dance, hopefully they all prove to be so fun!!