Monday, August 25, 2008

Coconut Cream Pie . . .

This morning as Rob was leaving for work I like normal kissed him goodbye at the door and stuck my head outside to watch him leave. The smell of that sweet dewy summer morning air was intoxicating and I decided then and there I needed to get out in it. I quickly finished my cream of wheat and started some laundry so I could enjoy the morning splendor.

I decided to take my trusty bike for a ride up to BYU-I's campus. I'm trying to prepare myself to ride my bike to school (which BTW starts in two weeks--YAY!!) and since three times a week my day starts at 7:45 in the Benson building I'm working up to getting all the way up that hill without stopping, wheezing, or sweating myself chilly. I did it without stopping this morning, but the other two are still a working progress. :)

After climbing the hill to the Benson I rode around campus, dropped off Breaking Dawn at the library so the next Bella and Edward crazed girl can check it out, and checked out The Host. After some more riding on campus I decided to go downtown since I wasn't ready to go home yet and I found myself at the plasma donation center . . . wary of the last experience I almost didn't go in, but the temptation of $40 this time overtook me.

I told them I'd be using my right arm since it had the best track record and all seemed to be going just fine . . . until the phlebotomist went for the WRONG VEIN in my arm. *BREATHE* I told myself . . . *just breathe* . . . he called another guy over to correct his mistake and after a few more minutes of digging for the correct vein we hit blood . . . good right? Well by the time blood was flowing I was told there was a clot in the line . . . oh gosh.

"You know, I'd rather go home now."

"You don't want to try your left arm?"

"Oh no. It was a complete and utterly painful experience we tried that last time. The bruise only finally healed yesterday. I'd much rather go home now?"

"Yeah, we'll give you $5 though for sticking you . . . Sorry. "


So, it took 30 minutes and I made $5 buckaroonies. At least the bike ride was refreshing and I found out that the flavor of the day at our favorite ice cream place in town is coconut cream pie, so Rob and I can go for a walk tonight and the $5 will meet it's end. :) It's so delicious, it's totally worth it.

My only regret from all this is that I have to wait 2 hours from the end of my "donation" to take a shower. *Sigh*


lovebug_sue said...

i'm proud of you that you would try it again. obviously the phlembotamists are idiots, since i know our Crofoot veins and know they are EASY to see... I LUV you

Ruth Ann said...

Oh, you are so brave!! I totally agree with the use of the $5 blood money - coconut cream pie ice cream is really tasty.
Good luck on the Benson hill bike ride! You are doing awesome!

Amber said...

I am drooling at the mention of coconut cream pie ice cream. I just had a slice of coconut cream pie cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory and I was in heaven. But paring my two favorite things (pie and ice cream) might just be a dream come true!

johnny said...

Hmmm, you've been unlucky in your blood donations lately. How was the ice cream?

Little lou said...

MMMMMMMMMM i need ice cream so bad. I'm glad it wasn't a chocolate flavor or something then i would really be going nuts. It sounds like a fun day minus the bad luck and the plasma center