Sunday, May 08, 2005

Thank Hades for Little Boys!

The nephews are just as fun and cute as the neices, they just bring more trouble.

This is my nephew John. He is four, and as cute as a button. After I took the picture of the neices, I let John play with my camera. I didn't see a problem, as it's digital, and I had a 512 SD card in so he could take pictures until the battery died, and I'd still have space. He took pictures of my parents, his parents, the ironing board, the dining room table, the computer screen . . . virtually everything in the room.

This was the best picture John took. This is my nephew Nicholas who's five, and me.

This one Nicholas took, talk about a close up of John! He kind of looks like a turtle, a CUTE turtle that is. They are so cute!

Well cuteness aside, kids can only play with expensive equiptment for so long before catastrophe strikes. Needless to say, the camera was dropped, and the shutter broke. It's as much my falut as anyones but I'm totally bummed. So, now my quest is to find out what kind of a warranty I have.

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