Friday, September 16, 2005

Still on the Road . . .

Yesterday I spent most of the day in a Cemetery in Benkelman, Nebraska finding my ancestors. It was an awesome day, and I got a LOT done. I spent the night in McCook, NE, and this morning I spent the first few hours in a cemetery there.

Today after driving across Nebraska, which looked much like this I made my way for Essex, IA.

Just after crossing into Iowa, I saw this silo, and had to stop because I thought it would be an awesome picture with the moon in the backround.

Some place, just a different setting on my camera, so the colors are more enriched for a dusk shot. Have I ever said that I absolutely LOVE my camera? Here are some sunset shots about an hour later:

It was sooo beautiful! It for a moment in time I changed how I felt about Iowa. I thought, this can't be too bad a place if the sunsets are this great . . .

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