Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally off the Road . . .

Today I finished my great trek across the US of A. Before I get to that though, let me tell you of the last two days. After leaving Illinois I took a direct shot down the highway (with a quick stop in Southbend Indiana to get new windsheild wipers) to Cadiz, Ohio. It was the desination of my last cemetery to gather information of those that have gone before me. It was dusk as I was getting into the cemetery (of course it was, that is just how things worked for me this trip) so I couldn't actually locate any of the plots I was looking for, but I had to pee, so I drove back into town to find a gas station or somewhere to relieve myself, and happened upon another local library. I only had a half an hour, but I found enough information in that short moment in time to know I'd done what I needed. Then I got back on the road . . . again . . .

My destination last night was Pittsburg, so I checked the directions, and made my way East again after leaving Cadiz. Funny thing, the highway that I was on actually took me through West Virginia. Six miles of West Virginia, but West Virginia nonetheless. It became the 36th state that I have been through. I'm pretty pumped that I got another state in, because I didn't think that by the end of the trek I was going to be able to say I'd been to another state. Now I only have 14 left to get to before I turn 30 . . . I think it's totally doable!

This beautiful townhome is where I stayed last night. I was thankful to have been a guest at Jessie's brother Phil, and his wife Tamera's home in Pittsburgh. It was my first time in Pittsburgh, and I was rather suprised at how large it is! It was quite a site coming into it . . . I was not expecting it at all! I was coming down this highway and it goes through a tunnel, right? I had no idea what was on the other side, but I come out of the tunnel, and BOOM! There was Pittsburgh! I was suddenly crossing a bridge, and speeding into this unexpected metropolis! Then I had to find my way to Phil's house, which wasn't too bad, and I enjoyed a good nights sleep.

This morning as I was leaving Pittsburgh I got a little lost . . . but thankfully I was able to find the toll way and drive even further East. I made pretty good time between PA and VA and made my way into my neighborhood without having to look at the directions, as I had studied it so many times online, in anticipation of actually arriving here!

Once I got in, I greeted my family-esque friends that lured me out here to be the Nanny for this cute little bundle of joy! This is basically the first look I got of Chase, he's two days short of being four weeks old, and the sweetest little thing! It's so exciting to finally be here, I don't know what to do now . . . but I'm sure it will be an adventure!

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