Tuesday, September 02, 2008

R "Mountain"

Since Rob and I had no real plans for our Labor Day weekend besides doing some laundry and having our home teachers over, we decided that we actually needed to get OUT of the apartment for awhile. It took a few hours of brainstorming and being lazy to actually come up with a solution, but we finally got out. We decided we'd like to go hiking, but since it was a bit stormy and cold we didn't want to go too far; so we ended up at Menan Buttes, a short drive from Rexburg.

The last time we'd hiked up the "mountain" was July 2007. Rob was going for a field trip with one of his geology classes and I tagged along. For me it ended up being a disaster. It was a hot and sticky summer day, and I was an out of shape sack of chub. It took me almost 40 minutes to get up to the caldera rim with four stops of at least five minutes each with me huffing and puffing and downing water. I felt bad that I'd come because I was just holding Rob up and we were the tail end of the expedition.

Thankfully with the last few months of me trying to "get fit" yesterdays experience was SOOO much better! It was a cold, overcast day and that could have made a difference, but we reached the caldera rim this time in only 21 minutes with only one short water break. It was like night and day in comparison.

Here I am at the highest point on the south side of the caldera. It was SUPER windy and we even got sprinkled on for a few minutes, but it was so refreshing.

This is a view to the East of the Butte.

This is my amazing hubby Rob. He inspires me so much! I'm really glad he convinced me to give the hike another try. I was hesitant of course at first, scared that it would be a crappy experience again; thankfully he convinced me and we had a GREAT hike. Thanks babe.

Here we are at the highest point on the south rim. Windblown and chilly--but happy. :) After reaching the top we decided to hike all the way around the caldera. It was really nice.

This is a shot of the Snake River Plain west of the caldera. Can you say desolate?

This shot is from the same place, only facing East looking across the caldera and out into the productive farmland of Eastern Idaho.

All in all, we hiked just over 2.5 miles up and around the caldera then back down. At our highest point, we estimate that we elevated about 550 feet. I'd almost like to go back again next weekend for a repeat hike before school starts up again. Anyone else want to come?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Chika!

Robert said...

I'd be up for next weekend. That was so much fun! The weather was awesome. It was so brisk, it was easy to keep moving! I knew you could do it. Let's do more hiking!

Lisa said...

I'd forgotten about all the old lava flows and stuff in Idaho. Volcanoes just aren't what I think about when I think "Idaho." They sound exotic until you realize it makes the potatoes grow well. Way to suck the excitement out of life, Idaho!

Great job on getting in shape! I think you should do this hike periodically as another way to measure your progress.

Ruth Ann said...

Pretty cool! Soon I won't be able to recognize you...except for your big smile. Cool weather is nice for hiking.

M.climb said...

Nice work on the "get fit" program. One of these days you need to meet up with me and we will put you through the works. Being in shape just makes me happy.

Little lou said...

nice work cutting your time in half. It's amazing what our bodies are capable of doing. Looks like you guys had a fun time.

Jessie said...

You are looking so hot Kristin! It would be fun if we had a picture of you on your first hike to compare to this one. I for one am 100% sure it was not so much the weather that made the difference, but the new 'fit' you that did it. You are amazing! I also wanted to tell you, because I thought you'd be so proud- yesterday I made an impossible goal to run from my house to 1st Dam (3miles from my house) and I DID IT!!! I couldn't believe it. I really didn't think I was capable. Let's hear it for making goals and reaching them! Keep it up Krofoot.

Amber said...

I must say you are looking mighty slim lady! Isn't hiking the best. All that work and then there is this magical reward when you have reached the top. I LOVE it! Great job. Looks like it was so beautiful from the top!