Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahhh, a Glorious Weekend!

While studying in the Geology Lab, a few weeks ago, I saw that there was an upcoming hike to Cave Falls in Yellowstone with the Geology Society for last Saturday, the 18th. So I, always looking for a reason to get out of Rexburg, suggested to Rob that we go. Never mind the fact that I wanted to get out of town for a few hours, I figured it would be fun for Rob to see some of his friends from school, since he's been off track since July. Let's just say that it was incredibly beautiful, an utterly perfect day, and completely disorganized!

Here is a shot of the falls from the parking lot. Cave Falls is only 20 feet high but reaches 250 feet across the Falls River in the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. It was about an hours drive from Rexburg. We especially enjoyed the trip because we took school vehicles, and didn't have to drive!!

Here is what looks like a pregnant tree! It even had a belly button, and what looked like two separate legs.

Here we are in front of Bechler Falls, about 1.5 miles up-river from Cave Falls.

Aren't we so cute and nuggly?!?!

I think this would be a great place to take engagement pictures. I was almost too afraid of falling into the water to jump out to the rock--it was about a 2.5 foot gap--but with some help from a log, I made it. I only wish Rob's eyes were open in this picture. It's so cute!

Anytime anyone would like to come visit us, we would love to have an excuse to go back. In fact, from this trail, it's only 31.8 walking miles to Old Faithful--Rob and I were thinking we'd like to hike it next summer--anyone want to join us? OR even be willing to drop us off here, and then meet up with us the next day at Old Faithful?


Britt Wright said...

Kristin, you look great! What beautiful scenery! And by the way, we are going up to Jackson area next summer....we'll have to plan accordingly.

LeMira said...

You already know, but still, I love the pictures and the falls -- so beautiful!

Lisa said...

Lovely! I miss the West.

Robert really ought to be rubbing the pregnant tree's belly. It's supposed to be good luck (assuming the mom doesn't sock you). Who knows what kind of fantastic luck a pregnant tree could give you!

Ruth Ann said...

Hike 31.6 miles?!? I like the first part of the trip - the falls in the pictures you showed - but 3-4 miles is probably my limit.
You guys look so happy and the day looks so BEAUTIFUL!
Love Mom-Ruth

Jessie said...

Awe, if your intention was to move me to jealously, you have succeeded. I would love to go on this hike, but it's getting so blasted cold! Maybe next summer, eh? My desires aside, these pictures of you guys are so cute! I love the pregnant tree and the last two pics by those beautiful falls. You should frame them.

PS- 31.6 miles...I don't know. I guess it would depend on the content of the journey itself, because Old Faithful IS something you can drive right up to.

Amber said...

Looks breathtaking! And you can't even tell Rob's eyes are closed in that last picture!

Larsens said...

I love the glorious pictures! That poor tree- I couldn't imagine what it would be like to stand there in forever pregnant form.

I wish you the best on your 31.6 mi. journey next summer!
I definitely wish we could tag along too- two little ones definitely sets our limits on what type of "adventures" we go on now!
If you guys are ever passing through Ogden town you are always welcome to stop by! That would be amazing if you could join us for the next Hot Rockin' 4th! It's spectacular!

Hannah said...

I just HAVE to say... Kristin, you look AMAZING!! I'm so happy for you. It looks gorgeous out there, next time we come out we should definitely go hiking.

Little lou said...

That place looks beautiful! You will be so glad that you are taking advantage of opportunities like that while you live so close to such cool places. You are looking hot I might add.