Saturday, October 25, 2008

Civil Defense Caves

This afternoon Rob and I needed an adventure. We were originally going to go to Craters of the Moon, but the daylight was short in comparison to time it would take to get out there, so I found out how to get to the Civil Defense Caves from a neighbor, and we drove the 30 minutes north of town to the caves.

This is the opening of the cave. Really, it's huge in comparison to most of the caves I've been to. The cave is a lava tube, which is formed when molten lava flows through a confined channel for an extended period of time. I'm really glad that we brought our headlamps, because the floor was crazy bumpy--also not something I'm used to.

Here's Rob--notice the outcrop of rock right behind his head? I banged my head hard on it as I climbed over the floor into a larger opening. Definitely one of those times that I wished I had a hardhat on.

Here I am making my way through the tightest squeeze, which, from my experience, was also much larger than I'm used to. There is no way someone could get stuck for four hours in the cave . . . not that that's ever happened to me before . . . Riiight.

Here we are right after I smashed my skull into the ceiling, and Rob kissed it better. :) Having your wounds kissed better never gets old!

And this is us as we were leaving the cave. We actually walked through the cave with a couple and their three kids, and they took our picture, how nice! I tried to photo-shop it out, but in the picture you can see some white mist, right? That is steam coming off of our bodies, because the cave was pretty cold. It was an awesome little adventure for us, and the couple we met told us about some more sweet places to check out--hopefully you'll be hearing more about them soon!


Jessie said...

You don't know of any geothermal caves up your way do you? If you did our wanting to plan a "trip" wouldn't be affected by the weather goings-on. That would be nice. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, it looks like you had a great time:) I should also add that that first photo of you really shows how thin your face has become. It's looking reminiscent of your face in the picture of you, Nan, Natali' and I in front of the SLC temple. Remember? You had been yogaing it up then.
PS- getting stuck in a cave for four hours just once is enough for a whole lifetime:)

Lisa said...

Just seeing those pictures makes me feel a little anxious. Thanks for the inherited touch of claustrophobia, Wisemans!

I clicked on the link to find out why the caves are called the Civil Defense Caves but didn't see any explanation (though I was amused to read that one of the narrower parts of the cave is called "Fat Man's Misery"). Any idea why the caves are named this way?

Ruth Ann said...

I guess next time you will take your hardhats and your headlamps and gloves and other necessary caving items. MyOMy, not only is Robert someone I don't know anymore, soon his wife will be someone I don't recognize anymore. So do you have a goal to do something "active" each weekend?