Saturday, May 07, 2005

Generation what?

After Holly and I finished painting the hallway Saturday night, we decided we better leave the house for fear of getting brain damage from the fumes.

We picked up some Beto's breakfast burritos and decided to show up fashionably late at Jenny's (after the fact) Cinco de Mayo party. Well, fashionable late may be pushing it. We missed the pinata, horchata, salsa . . . and not to mention a room full of hot, available, men. We did make it in time to watch the last half of The Mask of Zorro though, so we had something in our corner.

As Holly and I were chompin' down our burritos we were telling Jenny about Holly's Graduation, and my previous post about a degree in Geography. (For the record, I think the fact that Holly and Jessie graduated is awesome, and the reason why I mock it so is that when I eventually go back to school, I will probably get a degree in Geography as well. To tell the truth, if anything, I'm the lame one, because I am a semeseter away from my ASSOCIATES degree, and quit school three years ago to play and romp around the world. I just don't have the patience or attention span to go back to school yet!) Jenny wanted me to 'publish' her too, so we found a good reason later on.

You see, this is Jenny's ultra-hip new belt. She got it for $2.50 at the local "gen X" kinda store. She was totally excited to show everyone at the party, and wanted to make sure that all of creation knew about the great deal too. If I could only find such pleasures in the simple things! You rock Jenny! Now here is the real question though, Jenny, why were you at "gen X" in the first place?

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