Sunday, May 01, 2005

You think he'd learn?

This is my good friend Scott. He is a smart, outdoorsy kinda guy, who is self-proclaimed "devishly handsome". Next week he will graduate from Weber State University, and head off to slave away the summer and next year to save for his eventual goal of medical school. He frequents the house, and my roommates and I enjoy his lighthearted, tactless sence of humor. He is a typical male. He spends enough time aroung women to be adored by them, but does not know anything about the inner workings of a woman's mind, or what she must go through to keep up with the rigourous task of staying the ever so necessary eye-candy. A few nights ago, we taught him a little about tank-tops.

You see, to fulfill my ongoing quest to dress modestly, I have recently bought some tank-tops to wear as undershirts, so that neither my clevage, nor my love-handles hang out of my outer-wear. The tank-top keeps me well protected, and non-pornographic. To make them as modest as possible I have to cut out the built in "bra" that most women find is all they need for support. If I leave this so called "bra" attached to the tank-top, let's just say it does not fulfill the aforementioned purposes to keep me covered.

As I was cutting out one of these "bras" Scott looked rather purplexed. I explained what I was doing, and needless to say, he got a little carried away with the refuse. The rest is history.

Scott proceeded to fashion a pair of "panties" out of the scraps, and embroidery floss that my roommate, Jami LET HIM HAVE. She was going to use it for cross-stitching, but it's not going to be recycled. Oh no.

So there it is. Scott, the home-made panties, and some of the best black mail pictures I've ever seen. Now I'll have collateral for when he runs for Presidential Office. You'd think he'd learned his lesson of the baby blue clothing last time!


Celeste said...

So I think I'm going to have nightmares for the rest of my life. It's bad enough to put on underwear like that - but to have made it yourself? That's crossing a line.
I hate when they build in the bras. It's like they only cover half of you anyway. Who can wear those?

Kristin said...

Well, it is Scott, you know.

That is why I cut the bras out. They do me no good!

Celeste said...

Why can't fashion revolve around us? I should take a sewing class where they teach you how to alter clothing. I've always thought it would be nice to be able to do that.

Do they have classes like that?

Kristin said...

You should hope so!