Saturday, May 07, 2005

Spot, to say the least

So, last night I proved my love for my roommate Kristina. I, being the "local concert junkie" roommate, was asked to accompany Her to try out for a band. So we got to the place, and the drummer (I think his name was Drew or something?) met us at the door with a terrier, that we'll call Spot. I took a seat on the couch, and Kristina took the microphone. As I sat, Spot came over and sat next to me, as I was the "new" thing in his habitat he proceeded to sniff me and try to lick me. Because I've had experiences with these kind of dogs before, the thought came to my mind, "Dirty little creature. I'm going to get white dog hair all over my dark brown cordory coat." I didn't want to pet the thing, as it would only encourage more fur to fly, but it kept nudging me. I ended up simply placing my hand on its back, and it seemed to suffice and Spot sat still.

Then the music began. Kristina was awesome, and the guys were impressed. I was especially impressed as this was not Her typical music genre, but she sang solid. About two-thirds through the song, Spot started getting all antsy and shaking. At first I figured he was freaking out because of how loud the music was. It jumped across me, and tried to get up on the back on the couch. Me being fearful of anything near my face, made it get down, and sit next to me again. As the song was about over the little varmit jumped across me and peed all over my pants and coat, then bolted for the door.

I was completely grossed out. I thankfully held back the initial waves of hurling, because afterall, how would that have looked to the band that Kristina so wanted to be a part of. I sat there for about five more minutes thinking, "that fetching little mongrel . . . &@%^*##!!!!!" As we left, Kristina said, "that was fun, wasn't it!" to which I replied "fun enough to make up for the fact that the dog peed on me?" To which was her reply . . .

"What??!!! Ewwwww!! Gross!!! Are you kidding? *sniff sniff* You DO smell like pee pee!" I then spent the next five minutes gagging, and she was laughing her head off! Each time she said the word "pee" I gagged again. it was seriously the most I've ever gagged in my life! I thought I was going to blow chunks in my car! Finally once I turned on the air conditioning full blast, rolled down the windows and drove a few miles I stopped the gagging.

All for the love of Kristina. I'm not so sure I will step foot back in the studio, for fear that if I see little Spot again, he's going to get drop kicked!

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