Friday, May 06, 2005

They Gad-g-a-ted!

Let's all put our hands together to welcome the newest recipients of the Bachelor Degree in Geography! Here are two of my roommates, and close friends. Holly and Jessie, though they never lived together nor realized they were in the same classes, they have now both lived across the hall from me in my house. Jessie moved out in December, making way for my Holly-Bean, and now she's leaving me too! The Nerve! Make way for Celeste!

Holly, Jessie, Andrea and Andrew along with the professors of the Geography department.

So anywho, now that they have all acheived the status of saying, "I'm a College Graduate!" What are they going to do next? Who knows! With a degree in Geography they'll probably be bussing tables next year. But think of the differential they'll make with that hard earned degree! Oh the possibilities!

Well, at least they can start by taking out the trash! Ow Oww!!

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