Saturday, May 07, 2005

Make way for Creativity!

When I was living in New York a few years ago, while on a road trip to Baltimore I stopped at IKEA and bought the coolest wall mirror for only 20 bucks! I then toted it all around the state for the next two years. When it came time to move back to Utah, I simply didn't have the space for my Father, (who drove with me) everything I owned AND the mirror in my '91 Toyota Corolla, So I regretfully sold it for 20 bucks. I was so sad for fear I would never find another large mirror for such a great price.

A month ago however, I stopped at a yard sale because as I drove by I noticed they were selling some board games. I stopped, bought two games, a TV, and a large wall mirror that is about the same size as the one from IKEA! Best part about it though? It was only 20 bucks!

Today, I decided that it was about time I hung the darned mirror up, and upon the thought I said mentioned to Holly that we should paint it. Then the painting idea spead to painting our doors in the hallway, and cupboards and drawers as well.

So there is is, the mirror (still unhung, but I have the tools to do it now!) and Holly's door.

Here is our cupboards and hallway closet.

And of course the bathroom door. We decided to paint eveything blue, to match our shower curtian! I wish I had better pictures, but the space is so small, so I did what I could anyway.

Needless to say, it's amazing what can happen with a quick trip to Lowe's! We thought about painting the molding in the hallway too, but then decided against it because that would be a heck of a lot of work! What we did was enough!

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