Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Scott, what a friend!

So Scott, our friend and regular inhabitant of the house made me a very happy grrrl tonight. You see, as we lack "bunny ears" for the TV in our house, we don't stay up to date with what is on television. Due to the lack, I've now found that when I have access to live TV, I become completely transfixed. Outstreched neck, wide open mouth, glazed over eyes, the whole sha*bang*.

Tonight after Johnny made the most FANTASTIC chicken fried rice Scott broke out his newest purchase,
[Scrubs] Season One. I then proceeded to spend the next three hours completely engrossed in the show. I have finally found my favorite show on Television. THEN he did the ultimate thing and left the dvds at our house so we could watch the rest of the season. Thanks Scott, you're a real pal.

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