Thursday, November 17, 2005

Those Krazy Kids!

My buddy Seannie called me a few nights ago to catch me up on some things from home . . . and there was this crazy racket going on in the backround. I obviously had no idea what was happening, and he wouldn't tell me, so instead he sent me some pictures:

Firstly he'd tied his wife Jessie to a chair with some climbing ropes. Now I would have thought that Jessie would have known better, as Sean is notorious for roping people up and causing embarrassment or harm . . . like tying up Nan, leaving her on her doorstep, and ringing the doorbell and running for her brothers to find, or tying me up and bouncing me on the trampoline . . . during which I got a seed in my ear and had to go to the hospital to get it out . . . that crazy boy!

I'm not sure where or when this was actually taken, but Seannie included it with the picts. Here's a small group of the crew, John, Kali, NatalĂ­, and Seannie. Cute picture guys!

And of course, who can get through a day without dressing up in everything spandex. I have to say Jessie and Sean are paired up pretty well, as there are few people that would go out in public dressed like this. I think Sean will take any opportunity available to wear his speedo in public . . . at least he was wearing something beneath it on this occasion.