Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My "Science" Major . . .

For those who might not have caught on yet, I am really enjoying my classes. Here are a few examples of my delights: First off, in my floral design class we've been doing corsages.

Here is the first corsage I did in class. I have of course worked with flowers before, so I tried to work in some element of design, for those who might know what the Hogarth curve is, do you see the S?

Here is the second corsage I did. We were working with color tool, so I "painted" these carnations purple and green--they were originally white. Also, I went for a C-curve in this one. It may not be the most attractive grouping of flowers in the world, but it's one of those things where it's so bad, it's awesome. :)

In my landscaping design class we started out with using pencils to draw trees for designs. This was not originally my favorite task. It's funny. In my horticulture class in high school, drawing up the landscape plans were my least favorite part . . . in all honesty, I was kinda dreading this class--taking it in my first semester so that I could get it out of the way.

And then we started using markers. The markers ARE AWESOME. It's so much more interesting to put the color down on page than the pencil.

How exciting! I'm not perfect at the markers by any means, but I'm loving using the color. It's so interesting to see how these designs can come to life with just a bit of color. Next week in class we'll actually be planting out in the schools gardens, which I can't wait for. Man, school is awesome!


Johnny said...

WOW. That's all.

LeMira said...

I know who I'm getting for landscaping when we have a house -- sometime far away in the future!

Jessie said...

You are an artist! Look at those trees just POP right out of that page. Very nice Krofoot. PS- I saw you named spelled "Crofoot" today and my first thought was "What monkey spelled her name wrong?" Funny how something cements itself in your head over time:)

Brittany Wright said...

You really are an artist! You will have to design my yard, when I get one....someday. Awesome, I'm glad you are loving your classes.

The Olsen Family said...


This looks great!!! I'm way impressed.