Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Suck Up"

Today in my soils class I learned a rather valuable lesson. Plants don't "suck up" water. Bro. Willis demonstrated this with a simple hose, a pond, and gravity. See, in the Benson building (the building I practically live in on campus) there is an indoor pond right by the stairs leading from the first to the second floor. It's an open area, and you can look down into the pond from the second floor. Standing on the top level, we took the tube and draped it over the walkway railing into the pond. Then Bro. Willis challenged the class to suck the water from the pond, up to the railing--about 12-13 feet. He was offering 20 extra credit points to anyone that could do it. Greg, a classmate of mine volunteered first, and with determination he achieved the feat--with puckered lips to prove. I wanted in on the action too. Not only for the points, but to say I did it . . . this is what I got:

My lips swelled up from the vacuum created in the tube.

It was like I got botox injections. I can't believe people pay to look like this! I couldn't even get my tongue to touch the top of my upper lip!

This is the best picture I could get of another classmate trying the feat. Only Greg and I prevailed though. At least you get the concept of what is going on, right? Sorry it kind of sucks (no pun intended) these are all taken on my phones camera.

Yep. My lips were uber swollen. I had a lisp when I talked, and couldn't whistle.

Here is a picture two hours later. At least the swelling is going down. As I'm writing this, it's been eight hours. My lips are still swollen, and the upper lip has what Jessie and I affectionately call a lipickie. Basically it's like a hickie on your lip. Or what others might call a blood blister. Rob refuses to kiss me because my lips feel weird. He's also asked me to never get botox injections. He says my lips are "perfectly kissable just the way they are." :) So now I have not only some very interesting bragging rights--but I'm also the ultimate "suck up".


The Smith said...

O my LAND Kristin!!! That is beyond hilarious!! I can't stop laughing..hahahahaha. Man, that is great. Your poor lips. I so wish I could have been there to witness the whole show:) I wasn't suprised at all that you achieved the 'suck up' goal, you are just such a strong woman. I think if you were a super hero you would probably be able to crush and/or blow up large cement structures by simply scrunching your fists together in their general direction. How do your lips feel now. Soooo funny!!! Did Greg's lips swell too?

LeMira said...

Okay, I'm stuck whether to congratulate you or to express my true feelings. All right, the true feelings in out -- ewww, gross!

Brittany Wright said...

That's great Kristin! I'm with Jessie, your lip made me laugh. What a great story! Wish I was there to witness this wonderful goal.

johnny said...

Yeah, my reaction was pretty much MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Little lou said...

Dude your lips. I can't believe it. I'm so glad that you shared. I think your looking hot dude. I'm stoked for you that you accomplished the task. You must suck good.