Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Basically, I've decided that we need to get a .22 pistol. One of our friends brought one, and I killed with it. I also kicked some butt with another friend's .22 rifle--through the iron-sites. His scope was off, and was mounted too high for me to see through anyway. I also shot a .45 pistol, which didn't kick as much as I expected, and Rob shot a .308 high powered rifle. It was a fun day. Best part was when five of us all lined up and tried to take out the same target. Another friend was behind us shaking up cans of soda, and then chucking them into the air at our shooting range. We then would all release as many bullets as possible until the can gloriously exploded! I took out four or five of the cans--out of the dozen that were thrown, so I'm feeling pretty awesome about that as well. That's right, I'm awesome with a gun. ;)


Brittany Wright said...

I think it's cool that you're going out shooting....cans, that is. I'm glad that I'm you're friend, and not your enemy. =P

Anonymous said...

don't get too attached to that gun. obama will take it away.