Saturday, June 25, 2005

Aahhhhh, The Outdoors

The hike to Lone Star was awesome. We followed a river pretty much the whole way there, and definately had a great time. I wish we'd "tubed" down this river

The color of these trees was so awesome looking at them from across the river. They were reddish in the sunlights glow.

This meadow reminded me of a scene out of the Disney classic, Bambi. "MEADOW!!"

These crooked trees were one of my favorite parts of the hike. Had I been thinking about it I would have taken this picture in black and white mode, becasue of how beautiful it was. The knarled, fallen over trees that had been bleached and petrified by the sun. It was so beautiful!

Then there was this bird. I was walking and saw it standing there on a log. I have no idea what kind of foul it is, but it sure tried to fool me by standing completely still. I got really close to it too! Any ideas of what it is?

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