Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lone Star Geyser

After the two and a half mile "hike" we arrived at Yellowstone's second most reliable hot spot, Lone Star Geyser. It erupts about every three hours, and it was much more spectacular than Old Faithful! Laura and I arrived at the geyser a few minutes after it erupted, (a small spout basically) and figured since we missed it, we may as well go swimming. A few minutes later however, when we were in the Firehole river again, and not near the camera it erupted again, and it was HUGE!! We saw it shooting water twice as high as the trees in the area! I wish I had a picture . . . at least I have the memory!

Just south of Lone Star, there was a huge field full of all these little hot pots!

They were all bubbling and spewing water.

The photos definately don't do them justice, but they are so cool!

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