Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Serenity of Sackets Harbor

Something that I loved about Sackets Harbor is that I lived about four blocks away from Lake Ontario. That and it has deep history. The wall that Jen, Desi, and I are standing on is at the Sackets Harbor battlefield. You see, Sackets Harbor became headquarters for the U.S. Army and Navy on the northern frontier during the War of 1812. A reason that Sackets was such a key player in the war was that the harbor was one of the few ports on the lake that could receive large war ships, because of the unusual depth. Apparently there a quite a few sunken ships in the harbor and throughout Lake Ontario. Now theres a history lesson for ya, eh! Also, Sackets Harbor is the home to The New York State Seaway Trail which is a 454 mile scenic route paralleling Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River

Now this picture speaks for it'self. Definately another favorite. Between Jen's flabbergasted face, the sailboat, and Desi's grace. This will be framed as well.

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