Wednesday, June 01, 2005

For the Love of Tin Pan Galley

As part of Desiree's and my planning our trip to New York, we specifically scheduled time to eat at to the most fantastic restaurant in Northern New York. We went as far as taking an afternoon flight home, which meant getting back to Utah tired and exhausted. All for the love of Tin Pan Galley.

Desi and Alex anticipate the eating of the food! "Take the darn picture so we can chow!" But oh!! Was the wait worth it!!

The famous Stuffed French Toast. We got the half order to split between us all, because of the divinity of it. Two peices of french toast filled with creamy cheeses and stawberries, then topped with honey butter and powdered sugar. It is heaven on a plate. This alone puts IHOP to shame.

I ordered the Pina Colada French Toast. Who can pass up pineapple bread that is french toasted, drizzled with a toasted coconut syrup, sprinkled with macadamia nuts and coconut, and dusted with powdered sugar. Not I!!

Desi got Huevos Racheros. Sauteed peppers, onions, mushrooms, and black beans, on a crisp home made tortilla covered with scrambled eggs and cheese. With home fries on the side. Talk about southern flare!

Jen enjoyed the peach and blackberry fritters. Fresh peach and blackberries folded into batter and skillet fried. Dalloped with fat free yogurt and berry syrup.

Oh, to be able to experience that first bite once again!

After the sweetness that Jen and I ate, we did a switcher-oo with Desi and had some spicy goodness. Ummmm!! I tell you, the late arrival back in SLC was worth breakfast in Sackets Harbor!

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