Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blast From The Past!

Today I got an unexpected comment on my previous post--with some unexpected treasures. Merrilee, a friend from the neighborhood I grew up in--and someone I haven't heard from since high school told me that Dyana, one of our Young Women advisers from back in the day is trying to get a hold of me and a few other girls from the ward.

It was an awesome ward. I had a lot of great friends that helped me through SO MANY hard and tough times. These ladies shaped me partially into who I am today. I got in trouble with some, sang my heart out with others, played ball with a few, hiked and camped with many, and cried with all of them at one time or another.

Of these girls, I have no idea where at least seven of them are now. I have some connections with a few on MySpace, or Facebook, but even still I don't know what's actually going on in their lives.

These are all shots that Dyana wanted to get of us taken professionally because we were such a great bunch. We stayed in a hotel the night before and got all primped up together that Saturday morning. I haven't seen these pictures for probably about nine years. I can't believe how cute and little I was!

So here we all are: (from back, left to right) Crystal, Merrilee, Heather, Emily, Yolanda, Sarah, Brianne, Dyana, Emily, Natalie, Shawntal, Becca, Gywn and me. I'd love to hear from more of you ladies, and thanks again for the comment Merr, and the original post by Dyana.


Dyana said...

Hey Kristin....How much notice would you need if we were to throw together a gathering? I talked to BriAnne today & she thinks it would be a GREAT idea to see everyone who wants to come. Let me know. P.S. You can honk when you come down Poppy Lane anytime...I am still living there & it would make me smile.

Little lou said...

That is so awesome! I'm serving in the Young Women Presidency right now. I hope that I can have the same experience as your leader. I can't believe how many girls were in your group.

Brittany Wright said...

What great memories! You were cute...and still are!

Merr said...

Great post! I hope we could all get together one day. That would be awesome!!!