Thursday, June 05, 2008

Memories . . .

Okay, so in reference to a request by Jessie I went looking for a picture for her. I was looking for the photo of her Junior year in HS where she is wearing her favorite shirt. I had seen some pictures a few days ago in an old Journal and thought I'd try there. Well, I sadly didn't find the one she was looking for, but I did find this photo booth picture instead. I think it is awesome for a few different reasons.

1. There are 6 of us in the booth.
2. We did this kind of thing ALL THE TIME.
3. I'm holding up some money, because I'm "so rich"?
4. Sean and Marcus' face in each is awesome.
5. Trevor stood up in the middle of the pictures.
6. We were totally loitering at the mall.

My journal entry that goes with it is fantastic: " . . . after school . . . we were planning on going bowling, but we ended up not, because it's leauge night! So instead we, (Trevor, Marcus, Sean, Jeremy, Kali and I) went to the mall & bugged Jess for a minute. (IT WAS HER FIRST DAY AT RITZ.) Then went to the arcade & messed there, then got pictures. They are so killer! Then . . . to pizza hut. We got a pizza and drinks. It was so fun . . . We were so loud and noisy, but it was awesome. I *heart* my boys so much!

Wow. Bet you couldn't tell I was 16 years old when that was written! And I REALLY liked commas.

Oh, and Jessie--I also don't have the yearbook from that year. Remember how they sold out and you, me, Sean, and Jeremy spent yearbook day having people sign spiral bound notebooks? It sucked! I think Nan got one though.


Brittany Wright said...

I think "Loud and Noisy" is a great description of the HS gang. I'm so glad I got to be part of the crazy bunch in college. These pics are great!

Little lou said...

I could just picture Jessie on her first day having you all come to visit. She was probably so torn about goofing off with you guys and trying to make a good first impression to the boss.

Jessie said...

Sarah, you know me too well. That is so funny. I do remember this day. I was so jealous that they were having so much fun while I had to work. That's OK, I definitely had my fair share of adventures:) Couldn't have been blessed w/ a better group of friends:)

Ali or Mike said...

My goodness, when did Teri grow up? I hardly recognized her. The high school pictures are great and I love Rob's new look. Can't believe you still have that shirt. Thanks for all of you comments on my blog and the compliment on my current condition. I feel 8 1/2 months prego. Jess told me about your 4.0!! That's great.