Saturday, June 07, 2008

Teri's Graduation!

This last Tuesday I skipped my first BYU-I classes to head south and experience the glory of my lil' sister Teri graduate from high school! It actually was quite a good commencement; the speakers were for the most part really great, and we were out of there in under 2 hours!

The shining graduate herself. June 3, 2008!

I think she looks fantastic! I'm totally jealous that she got to wear a slick silvery gown though. I had to wear white, which was NOT a cute, and definitely not glimmery at all.

My Dad, Teri, and Mom. Don't they look like proud parents? Their baby has graduated!

Ahhh, friends are the best. Here is Teri with Bree and Daniel. I always envied the guys because they got the pretty maroon graduations gowns. Punks!

And of course Daniel gets all the action, and loves every minute of it!


Brittany Wright said...

Congrats! I'm glad that you don't live to far away so you can go to these wonderful events! Teri looks beautiful. Way to go!

Ali or Mike said...

Funny that you didn't get shinny silver. They started doing that the very next year, I wore shinny silver.